FG Starts Paying N25k Conditional Cash Transfer Amidst Confusion

In a surprising development, the Federal Government has begun disbursing 25,000 Naira payments as part of the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program. This unexpected move has raised questions and concerns within Nigeria.

Previously, the CCT program operated with a structured application and registration process. However, recent reports indicate that recipients are now being chosen at random, irrespective of their employment status, including government workers, corps members, Npower beneficiaries, and non-government workers.

This new approach has left many recipients puzzled, as there is no official registration link available. You may like to check how to register for conditional cash transfer.

It is important to note that any registration links found online should be treated as fake, as the federal government has debunked any active ongoing registration. Read Also: No Ongoing 25k Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Registration – FG.

Additionally, there have been reports of individuals posing as “enumerators” or individuals overseeing the CCT distribution, despite the FG’s clear stance that there won’t be supervisors or superiors involved in the process.

Given the economic challenges and the increasing need for financial assistance, recipients are urged to exercise caution and refrain from sharing their personal information with anyone claiming to be involved in the program. The desperation for financial support has created opportunities for unscrupulous individuals to exploit unsuspecting recipients.

The situation also calls for reflection on the community’s response to these developments. Despite repeated warnings, some individuals continue to fall victim to misleading information, underscoring the importance of vigilance and awareness.

The initiation of 25k CCT payments by the FG has brought about unexpected changes in the distribution process. Recipients are advised to remain cautious and vigilant, as authorities work to address concerns and provide clarity regarding the program’s procedures and eligibility criteria.

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