Fidelity Bank Salary Structure and Allowance

In our previous post, we listed top highest paying Banks in Nigeria to guide job seekers. Today we shall focus on the Fidelity Bank salary structure and allowance.

Fidelity Bank Salary Structure

About Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank, also known as Fidelity Bank Plc, is an international bank founded over 30 years ago. It is a commercial bank in Nigeria. It is licensed as a commercial bank with international authorization, by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Over the years it has made indelible marks in the Nigerian economic sector and is today one amongst the few banks qualified by the central bank of Nigeria as “too big to fail”.

The bank through the years of existence been voted in the Nigerian financial sector as the best employee friendly environment.

The labor returns is minimal because it pays industry competitive salary and allowances and promotes favourable staff welfare and other conditions of service.

“This actually led to my staying there for over 12 years” as reported by a staff. There is also stability at board of trustees and senior management. Since antiquity the present MD/CEO happens to be the third.

Fidelity Bank Salary Structure

Here are Fidelity Bank Salary Structure:

  • Interns/IT Students’ Salary: Their monthly salary is within the range of N10,000 – N15,000.
  • Graduate Trainees’ Salary: Graduate trainees earn about N60,000 monthly.
  • Entry-level Staff’s Salary: Entry-level staff category earn a monthly salary package of N140,000.

Every branch of the bank looks goal oriented, highly digitalized and incorporates most of the best Information Technology personnel in the industrial sector. Manpower training in Fidelity sustains and encourages career and personal development.

“In 12 years I was there I was privileged to attend many off shore enhancement trainings in USA (severally), UK (severally), India, Malaysia, Greece, etc. in addition to locally organized workshops” Comments a staff. It is very rewarding and encouraging to work in a company where your welfare is not just limited to your pay status.

The corporate ideology is predicated in its Vision; “to be number one in every market we serve and for every branded product we offer”.

Every staff is acquainted with the fact that the customer is the essence for their employment, therefore the customer is given a prioritized position in their mode of operation.

Truly, Fidelity keeps their words. They are prompt to staff salary and allowance payment. Fidelity bank is among the banks that pays its employees the most.

According to estimate, their salary structure is about the average amount payable by other banks in Nigeria

There are different forms of classifications of bank staffs, which one amongst many is the classification into temporary staff and permanent staff.

Fidelity bank, just like other banks, has several staff levels, and the salary grade is dependent on the level of the staff.

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