FMYSD National Youth Conference 2021

A mammoth number of over 6,000 youths have registered to participate In the forthcoming virtual FMYSD national youth conference.

This figure does not include the three hundred and seventy (370) youth representatives who are expected to be physically present.

The conference is being organized by the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development (FMYSD).

Youths visited the website to register for the virtual event of FMYSD National Youth Conference.

Miss Nkechi Obi, the conference coordinator, and Gbenga Olorunpomi, the media handler, jointly revealed this news in a press statement that was held on Monday.

She also disclosed that the conference, which will kick off on October 12th 2021, is generating a lot of attention from the development agencies and private sectors.

The coordinator revealed some engaging details on topics and gender preferences, which were gathered through the registration data.

She revealed that 62.3% among those who registered falls between the ages of 18-30 years, while 36.2% falls between the age of 31-40 years.

Also, 16.8% of the expected participants are females, while 83.3% are males.

Among the five (5) topics set to be discussed, Miss Nkechi revealed that 41% were more focused on the issue of Education and Youth Development, 40% showed more interest in the issue of Politics and Nation Building, and 36.7% showed interest in the issue of Youth In Peace and Security.

34.6% of the registered youths selected Technology And Innovation as their topic of preference, while 23.6% preferred Sports, Entertainment, and Creative Industries.

The team was surprised with this data, and details gathered from this data will be used to set up the rhythm and in-depth analysis of the topics at the conference.

The conference coordinator was delighted at the enthusiasm with which the youth displayed by turning up and registering for the conference, and she believes the youths are determined and eager to take the front-row seat at the table.

She also more females to register for the conference as the data gathered shows a low number compared to their male participants.

Source: Nyscinfo

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