Full List Of Nexit Training Candidates For Lagos State

From March 14th through March 18th, 2022, the Npower nexit Training program began in full for a few states. Over 400,000 Npower graduates will be trained by the Humanitarian Ministry in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Development Institutes (EDI) throughout states.

As the Federal Government works to lift poor youths out of poverty and free the country from youth and unemployment crimes, this training will help Npower graduates understand how to channel their CBN loan into productive and economic use. Training for other states across the country will be communicated to all volunteers; there is no need to panic; all states will be engaged and trained.

The names of successful candidates and training locations in Lagos State have been disclosed by Npower Nexit. Please, Click here to check your name.

How To Double-Check And Correct Names

Step One:

To see if your name is on the list, go here. Check that the name and BVN on the list are correct.

Step Two:

Check the location, date, and time of your training.

Step Three

Make your way to your training facility. Make sure you arrive one hour before to the start of your training.

Step Four:

When you arrive for the training, you must bring your smartphone or laptop as well as writing materials.

Step Five:

If you want to do your training online and your name is on this list but you are unable to attend, you can do so by texting your certificate number, full name, phone number, and email to 08054956701 (please just text).

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