German Visa in Nigeria, Requirement and How to Apply

As promised at the conclusion of our previous article on German visa application process in Nigeria, here is the fulfillment of that promise. In today’s article, we explore how to apply for a German visa in Nigeria, requirements and other important information. As we always do, be advised to read attentively so you don’t miss any of the important points in this article.

No matter what your reasons for wanting to travel to Germany are, you need to understand that you will travel to a European countries boasting of one of the best economies in the world. Because of that, you realize that there will be a small difference in the manner in which getting a visa will be handled by other countries. Again, note that this article is about how to apply for a German visa in Nigeria.

German Visa in Nigeria

To apply for a German visa in Nigeria, there are important points to note. These points are:

  • Begin your visa application by scheduling an appointment online.
  • Be able to  explain why you are visiting Germany.
  • Make Germany your primary destination.
  • If you live in Nigeria’s northern region, you are eligible to apply in Abuja.
  • If you live in Nigeria’s southern region, the German Consulate in Lagos is the best place to submit your visa application.
  • Every applicant, including children, must make a separate reservation.
  • All candidates requesting for medical reasons should book well before their trip.
  • All university lecturers and other professionals who are attending academic workshops and events must schedule a visa interview.
  • To avoid running out of room at the Consulate General, it is best to schedule an appointment in advance.
  • You must apply at least 90 days prior to your intended departure date.
  • You don’t require a letter of invitation if you’re coming as a tourist.
  • Only individuals who have formerly traveled within 24 months of submitting a fresh application are excused from the interview.

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Follow these steps  to Apply for German Visa in Nigeria

  • Download the visa application form online
  • You can get it at
  • Completed the application form and provide your reason(s) for selecting Germany. Ensure you sign the document in the space provided at the bottom.

Documents to Attach

  1. International passport with a maximum of six months’ validity and at least 2 empty pages
  2. Photocopy of the International passport data page
  3. Two recent passport photographs
  4. Travel medical insurance of at least €30,000 from a recognized insurance company in Nigeria
  5. Proof of paid accommodation covering the duration of your stay in Germany. If you have a family member, the identity card of the person must be attached.
  6. Proof of flight return ticket booking, detailing the airline, arrival and departure dates
  7. Authentic previous 3 months statement of account, duly stamped and signed by your bank
  8. For an employee travelling, a letter of introduction from employer, official leave letter payslips of the past three months.
  9. A letter of invitation signed by the individual or organization, detailing your relationship and length of time you would stay, and readiness to take care of your financial needs.
  10. For a visit to a relative, husband or wife, a birth or marriage certificate attesting the legal relationship the individual in Germany must be submitted.
  11. For an underage travelling alone, a letter of consent from parent(s) or guardian must be provided.
  12. For tourists, proof of enough funds for your stay must be provided.
  13. For students applying for a visa, you must submit a copy of your admission or acceptance letter from the university and proof of financial abilities to fund your studies.

Ensure that you read all the instructions on the visa application form thoroughly to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

German Embassy Offices in Nigeria


Germany Embassy Lagos,

No. 15, Walter Carrington Crescent,

Victoria Island,


Telephone number +234 1 280 9966

Email address: [email protected]


Germany Embassy Abuja,

No. 9, Lake Maracaibo Close,

Maitama, Abuja.

Telephone number 0706 410 8800, 0805 880 8800

Email address: [email protected]




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