Get A Beautiful Screen| 8 Top Nova Launcher Alternatives For Android

Have you ever wondered what the best Nova Launcher alternatives are for Android? So, here’s an article that will quench your need for Android launchers like Nova Launcher. These apps were chosen among the top trending ones on the Google Play Store and offer incredible customizing options.

Nova Launcher is well-known for its ability to customize home screens, widgets, app icons, and fonts. In reality, it is one of the greatest Android launcher apps for customizing in the most effective ways. You can give your Android device the perfect look it deserves using Nova Launcher, which also allows users to add widgets.

You may also use Nova Launcher to add photo widgets, weather widgets, and other features. Although Nova Launcher is quite popular, there are other launchers that perform better.

8 Top Nova Launcher Alternatives For Android

Here are the top Nova Launcher replacements for Android devices:

1. Square Home Launcher

One of the Nova Launcher alternatives for Android devices is Square Home. Square Home is an excellent choice if you want a launcher with a Windows UI interface. When you first launch Square Home, you’re met by a grid of tiles, each representing one of your apps or tools. These tiles aren’t simply static icons; they’re live tiles that display real-time changes and notifications.

The launcher allows for extensive customisation, including the ability to resize tiles, arrange them, and even define dynamic content. This implies that your home screen is constantly alive and updating. Square Home is noted for its attractive tile effects; once installed, you’ll have instant access to your contacts.

Finally, the launcher allows for extensive customisation. It is quite simple to set up and arrange, and using a launcher like Square Home will provide you with a plethora of possibilities.

2. Lynx Launcher

Lynx Launcher is another good launcher on the list; it is an app that allows for basic customization. When it comes to functionality, Lynx has a modular architecture that allows customers to customize their screens down to the smallest detail. Whether you like icon sets or dynamic backgrounds, Lynx has a plethora of possibilities ready to be discovered. However, with its extensive feature set, you’ll have much to choose from when configuring it.

Lynx Launcher provides quick navigation and gestures, as well as a variety of customization possibilities. You can alter the dock’s position, font size, desktop grids, search bar visibility, and notification dots. That is something you can do using Lync Launcher. Furthermore, the launcher does not only work for the home screen; you can change the overall appearance of your device. Lynx Launcher is one of the greatest Nova Launcher alternatives that you can download.

3. Wide Launcher

Wide Launcher is an Android launcher that is distinct from the standard Android launchers. If you’ve always wanted more room on your home screen for apps, this is the app for you. You’ll be able to access 3x of your home screen with Wide Launcher. This theme has several features that make it a better alternative to Nova Launcher. Wide Launcher includes more than 300 wide wallpapers, 200 decor stickers, 200 app icon styles, and more than 200 high-quality picture frames.

The program also includes an intelligent interface where all of your apps are automatically added to a palette. Wide Launcher allows you to customize your home screen anyway you like. With a larger home screen, you’ll be able to include not only your favorite apps, but also widgets. The launcher’s design is both unique and user-friendly, allowing users to readily personalize it.

4. POCO Launcher 2.0

POCO Launcher 2.0 is one of the greatest lightweight Android launchers. This launcher was designed for individuals who wish to experience the speed and simplicity of the popular Xiaomi POCO gadget. The App Drawer, which not only categorizes programs but also allows for color-coded grouping, is one of its notable features. This implies that if you recall a program by its icon color, finding it will be simple. POCO launcher 2.0 is a top choice due to its simplistic appearance.

When it comes to speed, POCO Launcher 2.0 is a great alternative when compared to Nova Launcher. The POCO device is known for its rapid speed and ease of modification. POCO is compatible with practically all smartphones. You’ll find it easier to navigate apps with a launcher like this installed on your device.

5. Lime Launcher

Another lightweight launcher you should have on your Android device is Lime Launcher. Lime Launcher is an amazing pick when looking for the best Nova Launcher alternatives. If you want speed and personalization over all else, this launcher is for you. Lime Launcher provides a home screen that allows you to prioritize your most critical apps. Lime Launcher’s app drawer is one of the most powerful you’ll come across.

Lime Launcher is particularly well-known for its emphasis on user privacy; all data is stored on your smartphone. While some launchers may contain bothersome adverts, Lime Launcher does not, which simplifies things. Lime Launcher is likely one of the greatest to consider because of its extensive customization choices.

6. Microsoft Launcher

If you like the launcher seen on Windows OS and Windows phones, Microsoft Launcher is worth a shot. This is a popular Android launcher software that provides more than simply customization. Once you’ve installed Microsoft Launcher on your device, all of your Microsoft data will be synced. Your emails, tasks, calendar, and notes will be automatically synced. Microsoft Launcher has customizable icons, distinctive wallpapers, and much more.

Furthermore, users can see a complete preview of the well-known dark mode on the Microsoft launcher. Another useful feature is the ability to backup and restore home screen designs. Backup your settings to cloud storage programs such as Dropbox, Mediafire, and others. Add Microsoft Launcher to your list of the best Noval Launcher alternatives to utilize.

7. Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher is highly recommended since it provides a new and clean home screen. It is an excellent option for anyone looking for an alternative to Nova Launcher on their Android device. Niagara Launcher is distinguished by its ability to quickly design the ideal home screen. Once installed, it will search your app history to see which apps you’ve used the most. It then generates a home screen with all of your favorite apps close at hand. This launcher’s distinctive vertical scrolling style is another appealing feature.

Niagara has you covered whether you want small icons or comprehensive notification previews. However, like with anything new, there is an adjustment time. Niagra Launcher may not always organize apps automatically, leaving you to do all of the work. Regardless, the Niagra launcher is a great alternative to the Nova Launcher and works perfectly.

8. Pie Launcher

For Android users, Pie Launcher is one of the top Nova Launcher alternatives. You’re looking at a launcher app that stands out from the crowd. What makes it popular is how quickly it does tasks after it is installed for the first time. Pie Launcher does not sit idle when you initially install it. Instead, it actively monitors your app settings, usage habits, and even the times of day when you use specific apps. Based on this information, it creates a home screen arrangement that is unique to you.

There’s nothing stopping you from giving your Android home screen the appearance it deserves with over 1000+ unique themes available. Furthermore, the software supports a variety of icon sets. It also allows you to hide unused and private apps. With Pie Launcher installed, you won’t need any applock apps. The launcher is well-known for its extensive theme library. From the understated elegance of minimalistic designs to the vibrant exuberance of its color palettes.

Final Thoughts

While Nova Launcher is a fantastic launcher for Android users, there are better alternatives to consider. The launchers listed above are ideal for those looking for lightweights or customisation choices. You can get them for free on your Android device, and they’re also incredibly simple to personalize.

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