Green Africa Airways Recruitment For Nigerians 2022

Green Africa Airways Limited is a Nigerian low-cost carrier based in Lagos. We are a new airline that provides a far broader range of customers with safe, dependable, and economical air travel. As a result, we will be a big contributor to Nigeria’s and Africa’s economic development.

Green Africa Airways Limited is hiring to fill the vacancies. All interested individuals are encouraged to carefully review the available vacancies and submit their applications before the deadline.

The following is a list of all open positions:

Second Officer – ATR 72-600

Job Specifications:

  • Full Time
  • Required Qualifications: BA/BSC/HND
  • Location: Lagos | Nigeria.

Job Description

The Second Officer serves as the aircraft’s second in command, assisting the Captain in all routine and abnormal situations to ensure the greatest level of safety is maintained.

In addition, the Second Officer will set, maintain, and exhibit high standards in all parts of their employment, as well as serve as a brand ambassador for Green Africa, ensuring that the company’s image is maintained at all times.

Other responsibilities include:

  • As the second in command, ensure the aircraft’s safe day-to-day functioning.
  • Set a good example for the rest of the crew to follow in order to keep Green Africa’s corporate management in good shape.
  • Ensure that all crew members follow all policies and procedures.
  • Notify the company or NCAA of any violations of SOP or safety using the appropriate reporting method so that the firm can learn from the experience and improve flight safety.
  • Make sure he’s fit to fly at all times and let the employer know if he isn’t.
  • Operate the aircraft in accordance with Green Africa’s and the NCAA’s approved policies and procedures.
  • Qualifications And Requirements:
  • Have an NCAA Commercial Pilot License.
  • Have a valid Medical certificate from ICAO.
  • Have English proficiency to ICAO level 4 minimum.
  • Have or have held valid multi-engine instrument rating: IR (A) ME PBN.
  • Have a certificate of satisfactory completion of multi-crew co-operation (MCC) training.
  • Show excellent problem solving, CRM and team working skills.
  • Show command potential.
  • Must have good knowledge of ATPL subjects.
  • Ability to perform to a high standard when under stress.
  • Must have flown within the last 24 months.
  • Must be a Nigerian.


  • At least 200 hours total flying time.
  • Experience on modern (EFIS), multi-crew, multi-engine transport category aircraft is desirable.
  • Skills:
  • Communication
  • CRM.

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Quality & Safety Inspector / Auditor

Job Specifications:

Full Time

Required Qualifications: BA/BSC/HND

Location: Lagos | Nigeria.

Job Description

  • Test and evaluate the quality control systems on a regular basis. QSIA is supposed to collaborate with departmental managers as much as possible to build a corrective action plan.
  • Execute planned audits in accordance with the processes outlined in this quality manual, as determined by the published audit schedule.
  • Conduct audits on aircraft to ensure that high maintenance and craftsmanship standards are maintained, and that mandatory modifications and inspections are implemented in compliance with manufacturer and regulatory regulations.
  • Examine the aircraft maintenance at GA’s base and line stations, as well as any contracted sites.
  • Conduct audits on all flight operations activities to ensure that high standards of aircraft operation are maintained and that manufacturer and authority guidelines are followed.
  • Determine if an aircraft is eligible for a renewal of its certificate of airworthiness.
  • The QSM may appoint you to assist in the certification of newly acquired aircraft.
  • Conduct an inquiry into every Near-Miss safety reporting and other safety occurrences that require involvement from the Safety & Quality department, as well as an unbiased view.
  • Carry out company process training.
  • Carry out any other duties given by the QSM in the field of quality control and assurance.
  • monitor and update audit timetable.

Qualifications And Requirements

  • Higher aeronautical education or equivalent qualifications are required (University Degree).
  • Years of expertise (at least 4 years) in civil aircraft maintenance and operations, as well as functions of a Quality Management System.
  • Participation in a function of the Safety Management System.
  • Auditing for quality and safety, as well as compliance training. Auditing techniques are discussed.
  • Knowledge of the documents connected with mandatory requirements for aircraft maintenance, Flight Operations, and other operational activities as described in Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations Parts 2,3,5,6,7,8,9, and 20, as well as GA internal requirements.
  • A working knowledge of the ideas and objectives of the Quality and Safety Management System, Airworthiness, and Quality/Safety Audits.
  • A recognized auditor and safety training course must be completed and passed.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication abilities.

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