How I Made N2million From WhatsApp Within Six Months

You probably must have searched ‘how to make money from WhatsApp’ through Google or other search engines. I want to tell you to forget whatever you must have read on the internet and pay attention to this information, because most of the writers out there are theorists. They cram and vomit without understanding the concept. Let me start from introduction.

My name is Humphery, I’m an internet entrepreneur. I wrote this article to open many eyes. Most of the things I know about making money online is through many years of intensive research and practice. I was never taught by anybody, although I like learning from people, but I did not get the opportunity. Nobody to ask questions, I learnt the hard way. Now, instead of cracking your brain, you can leverage my experience and expertise by reading my posts .

As an entrepreneur, there are many ways I make money online. But this post will focus on how I make money from WhatsApp. If I can, you can!

Many people that use WhatsApp do not know it’s a big oil well’. They only use it to make calls, chat and update their statues, while some others make legit money from it. I will show you how it works, just keep reading!

I always say ‘the difference between the rich and the poor is knowledge’. Mind you, this is not academic knowledge (the one that you gained from school). The day you keep aside your academic Certificate, and pick up ‘Sabificate’, is the day you’d become rich.

In this post, I will show you how I made over N2million within six (6) months from ‘WhatsApp’.

This is not a scam, and I’ve never been involved or linked to any illegal activity. Be informed, not everybody on the internet is a yahoo boy (fraudster). The richest man in the world is Jeff Bezos. He is the CEO of Amazon (online-based company), and he makes millions of dollar on a daily basis. You can read more about him on Wikipedia.

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There is also Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and many others. Also, there are internet billionaires in Nigeria such as Linda Ikeji, Omoyele Sowore, Oluwaseun Temitope, Noble Igwe, Jason Njoku, and others. As for internet millionaires in Nigeria, the list is endless, I might be on the list of top 100.

It always pain me each time I see graduates searching for a job that would pay them less than N100k monthly, whereas they can earn much more only from WhatsApp.

I’ve tried to help some of them, but the problem is they can’t see. I just need someone who can see. I will know how to ‘cook’ him/her.

So, let me quickly show you how I made over N2,000,000 from WhatsApp.

How to make money on WhatsApp

Below is how I made over N2million from WhatsApp:

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  1. Create WhatsApp Groups: I created over 50 WhatsApp groups in a specific niche. Niche is a carefully selected topic that you’ll be focusing. It can be health, N-power, fashion, football, recipe, NYSC, finance, job, etc.

  2. Fill the WhatsApp Groups: I filled each of the 50 groups with a maximum of 257 members (that’s, the WhatsApp group members maximum capacity). 257 (members) × 50 (groups) = 12,850 (members).

  3. Monetize the WhatsApp Groups: I monetize all the 50 groups and make my money.

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Six (6) ways I monetized the groups are:

  • direct adverts
  • affiliate links
  • services
  • marketing (information)
  • short links, and
  • referrals

Note: I used the methods above, but there are many other ways to monetize a WhatsApp group. You can choose monetization methods that’s suitable to your niche.

Useful tips

  • I locked all the WhatsApp groups, allowing only Admin to post, this helped me curb spams and unnecessary messages.
  • Do not be anxious or discouraged when some people leave your groups, it is part of the game. Some people will surely leave. But try your best to make them not to leave.
  • I did not add anybody to the group, all the group members joined willingly through group links. If you add somebody to your group by yourself, there is about 98% they would exit the group, but if they join by themselves through the group link, there is about 20% they would leave the group.
  • Do not be discouraged when being insulted by bad mouths. I drank insults like water. Some times people will say that I’m jobless WhatsApp group admin, that I should find a job to help myself instead of wasting my time. So many insults will come but be courageous.

Thank you for reading, if you don’t know how to get started, don’t worry! This post is not meant to tell you that. I will release eBook that will give you a practical guide on how to make money on WhatsApp. Like my page on Facebook (@nyscinfo). Note: the page is not only for corps members. It’s for everybody, and bombard my followers with latest information.

Humphery Eze (entrepreneur).

Updated: August 4, 2020 — 11:06 am

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Humphery is a seasoned internet entrepreneur and a life coach. He has been the Nyscinfo ambassador since 2017. He is knowledgeable enough to guide you. Keep following this website for updates, we love you!


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