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How Much is the Corps Members Arrears?

As a Corps member, how much would you say the Federal Government (FG) is owing you as arrears? The truth is that a lot of Corps members and ex-Corps members do not know the exact amount is their arrears. No worry, you will know the amount after reading this post.

Breakdowns of Corps Members Arrears

Below are the breakdowns of Corps members’ arrears;

Recall that the President of Nigeria, Muhammedu Buhari signed N30,000 as the new minimum into law on 18th April 2019, but it was not implemented immediately.

Following the implementation in January, the NYSC Director-General announced the approval of N33,000 for Corps members.

Therefore, the Corps members’ arrears per month is the difference between the new and previous minimum wage (N33,000 – N19,800 = N13,200) starting from the date it was signed into law to the date of implementation.

Therefore, Corps members’ minimum wage is as follows;

1. Corps members in 2019 Batch A will earn as much as N118,800 covering the period between April and December, 2019; which is 9 months. (N13,200 × 9)

2. 2019 Batch B Stream 1 will earn as much as N105,200 covering the period between June and December.

3. But Batch B Stream 2 August will receive the sum of N66,000.

4. 2018 Batch B Streams 1 and 2 will receive N26,400 and N39,600 respectively.

5. Batch C Streams 1 and 2 of 2018 are expected to earn N79,200 and N92,400 respectively.

Please, be informed that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) said there is no arrears for Corps members because the money was not included in the budget.

So it is likely that Corps members will not receive any thing called minimum wage arrears. However, we call on to the relevant authorities to look into the matter.

If civil servants can be paid arrears how much more the Corps members who are the symbols of unity in Nigeria.

If there is no money to pay Corps members’ arrears, the Federal Govt should at least address us instead of being mute.

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  1. Musa


    Some people are saying no arrears fo xcooper and batch a 2019 what is the true of that issue???

  2. Ty


    Yes u can. Same here 89birth yr 2018 graduation year. The difference is that I served in the yr 2018/2019

  3. Musa Omojo Abubakar


    Throwback News

    (Please go through the Details and Appeal to the Nysc Management)


    Corps Members to receive N19,800 Monthly.

    Date: 11th July , 2011.




    I hope someone that born between this year1989 and finish school 2018 can serve

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