How To Activate Airtel Free 250MB Giveaway

Airtel is commemorating its 20th anniversary by giving away 20 free SMS and 250MB of data to its users. In this essay, I’ll show you how to get free data and how to use it.

In Nigeria, Airtel and other telecommunications firms have always competed to deliver the finest service to their clients. MTN and Glo both surprised their customers with free data up to 200MB as part of their anniversary celebrations. Airtel has now moved forward to give 250MB of data and free SMS to its users. To get yours, just follow the steps below.

To qualify for the Airtel anniversary deal, you must first be an Airtel customer. Follow the instructions outlined below.

When you dial the USSD code *144# on your phone, a menu of possibilities will appear, as seen below:

Gift for an Anniversary


2GB/N500/2 days

6GB/N1500/2 days



To activate the promotion, select “Anniversary Gift.”

You’ll be asked whether you want to activate the anniversary deal, which includes 250MB of data and 20 SMS for free (as shown in the image below).

Thank you for choosing Airtel Nigeria to celebrate with!

To activate, dial 1.

Then, in the box, type 1 and send to activate the offer.

Your line will be awarded with a free anniversary promotion of 20 SMS and 250MB once the task is done.


The free data can only be used starting at 00.00 am on weekends, according to Airtel. You have the option to activate the data immediately or at a later time.

Source: Nyscino

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