How To Activate Your ATM Card For Online Transaction

Because of the innovations we have seen in the technology industry, it has become very simple to buy and pay for goods and services online. However, this can only be possible if your ATM card is activated to perform an online transaction. Here we will guide you on how to activate your ATM card.

There are people who have tried to carry out online transaction but cannot, because their their ATM card, despite being a debit card, is yet to be programmed for online payments.

How to activate your ATM Card for online payments

While some cards get activated in the bank by bank’s staff, some are left for the owners to activate by themselves. If your own card wasn’t activated in the bank, you can activate it by following the steps below:

On your Bank’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

  • Insert your ATM card
  • Enter PIN issued by your bank (it’s always enclosed in the envelope containing the card)
  • Enter a new PIN of your choice upon being asked to do so and tap on “Submit”
  • Open successful submission, your card will immediately be activated

Bank’s Customer Care

Another option is to call your bank’s customer care, through the bank’s official dedicated lines. Once you get through, tell the agent that you want to activate your card for online transaction. Provide all the details required and it is done.

Bank’s Mobile App

You can activate your card for online transaction by logging into your app and click on “activate online payment” from the menu. You can find this by clicking the three horizontal lines at the top left-hand corner of your screen.

Quick Teller

Quick Teller is one of the platforms through which you can activate your card for online payment. Follow these steps to do that:

  • Go to an ATM spot
  • Put in your card
  • Choose the Quickteller option
  • Select your type of account (current or savings)
  • Choose the “Pay Bills” option
  • Choose “other”
  • Input 322222 as your payment code
  • Put in your phone number as your customer reference code
  • You will get notification for charges in line with your operation
  • Confirm the amount displayed
  • Follow the prompt to complete your transaction

Should this not work, which is a doubt, kindly visit your bank for help.

Source: Nyscinfo

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