How To Activate Your GOtv Decoder – Complete Guide.

In this tutorial, I will give you six (6) different methods on how to activate your GOtv decoder.

If you have been looking for how you can activate your GOTV in Nigeria, then I will say ‘congratulations’ to you because you have just landed on the right page.
Everything you need has been provide right here, so you don’t need to search again.
In this post, I will show you the step by step process on how your can activate your your GOtv decoder.

Before you follow the steps; first of all, make sure that your decoder is connected to your tv and switched on to a channel.
Normally when you bought a new GOtv decoder, it won’t work after connecting it to your tv until you activate it.

So, the following guidelines will help you to successfully activate GOtv in Nigeria.

How To Activate Your GOtv Decoder

Before you think of activating your GOtv using any of the six (6) methods highlighted below, you must first do the following things:

1. Connect Your Equipment Properly: The first step towards activating your GOtv decoder is to make sure that the GOtv equipment is properly connected. The antenna port for receiving network, the VGA port for Television, and power port for receiving voltage should all be well connected.

2. Switch on your GOtv and your television set: You have to switch on your GOtv decoder and your television set.

3. Select a channel to play: Note that No channel will play because, you have not activated it. But it is important that you select a channel such as 2, 8 or 10.

Having done all that, now let’s look at the different methods to activate your GOtv decoder.

Method One

How to Activate Your GOtv via Online

By using online method, you must have an internet connection on your phone or computer. It will take not more than 5 minutes to get it done.

1. Go to Gotvafrica website at

2. Select your country from the drop down menu.

3. Enter your Surname

4. Enter IUC number (Your IUC number is located on the sticker under your decoder)

How To Activate Your GOtv Decoder - Complete Guide.

5. Enter your phone number. The website will by default select your country code. So, just enter your phone number.

6. Finally, Click on “ACTIVATE NEW ACCOUNT”

How To Activate Your GOtv Decoder - Complete Guide.

Once done, your Gotv will start functioning in just a few minutes.

Method Two
How to Activate Your GOtv Nigeria Via SMS

Activating your GOtv via SMS is easier and faster compared to the online process. By using this method, you will be charged about N10 for sending SMS.

Type ACCEPTIUC numbernamephone numberlocation*GoTv package# and send to 4688 (for those in Nigeria)

Note: The same format is applicable to other African countries, only that you to send the message to your country code.

Method Three

How to Activate Your GOtv via Phone Call.

Another method to activate your GOtv in Nigeria is ti speak with a GOTV customer service representative through a phone call.
Just dial *423# on any network and follow a prompt request to activate your GOTV via phone.

Method Four

How to Activate Your GOTV via Social Media

To activate your GOtv using social networks. Just visit GOtv’s official Facebook or Twitter support page, and then write on the page declaring your IUC number and requesting a reset.

Method Five

How to Activate Your GOtv in Nigeria by calling GOtv.

Another method to activate your GOtv is to directly call GOtv representative. You can call theGOtv customer service hotline on 08039044688 and follow the voice instruction.

Your IUC number will be demanded before this process will be completed. This is why you have to make your IUC number to be useful each moment.

Method Six

How to Activate Your GOtv by using Mobile USSD code

Another method to activate your GOtv in Nigeria is to dial *288# on your mobile phone, and then follow the on screen instructions. Please, make sure you have your GOtv decoder IUC number handy.

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  1. Adebayo oluwatosin

    I subscribe my Gotv and I have been waiting for over 10 hours, its not showing. Please what else can I do., I called but not going through.

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