How to Apply for GTB Affiliate Programme in Nigeria

Have you heard about GTB affiliate programme in Nigeria before? The GTBank affiliate programme is a customer referral scheme setup to reward existing customers for bringing new customers to the bank.

How to Apply for GTB Affiliate Programme in Nigeria

Whenever a GTB customer refers non GTB customer to open an account with the Bank, the customer will be rewarded. See how to apply for GTBank quick credit loan.

How to join GTB affiliate programme in Nigeria

To join the GTBank Affiliate Programme, the existing customer is expected to do the following;

  1. Obtain an I-Refer Form from any GTBank branch.

  2. Fill out the form and submit it to the GTBank.

  3. Refer as many people as possible.

How the GTBank affiliate programme works

After the submission of the filled I-Refer Form to the bank, an I-Refer code will be generated for anyone referred.

This referral will receive an email telling them to open an account with the bank. The sum of 100 naira is then paid to the existing customer for every referral.

Terms and conditions for GTB affiliate programme

There exist a few terms and conditions which includes;

  1. The existing customer must use the correct referral code for the opening of account.

  2. T he existing customer must activate a GTBank MasterCard.

  3. The referral’s account must be active for at least a month.

  4. The referral must carry out at least one transaction on the account.

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