How to Apply for France Visa in Nigeria (2021)

Here we will give you a comprehensive guide on how to apply for France Visa in Nigeria.

France Visa application in Nigeria

France like most European Union countries is a very sought after destination for many Nigerians.

Nigerians of different ages and class travel annually to France for either business, Tourism, education and sometimes fashion considering the fact that France is dubbed the fashion capital of the world.

Like other countries, obtaining travel visa to France presents its unique challenges and hurdles that each applicant needs to surmount.

This article outlines step by step guidelines and requirements to have a successful visa France visa application in Nigeria.

France visa application in Nigeria – guideline

There abound different types of visas and they include but not limited to;

1. French Schengen visit Visa

As a non member of the European Union, Nigerians may need to apply for French visit Visa for the short period of 90days. This visitor’s visa allows the citizen from other non EU countries visit France for either business, tourism or family visitation purpose. When applying for the schengen visa, an invitation from a french based family member is needed..

2. Business Visitors Visa

You can apply for a French business visa to attend a business conference, inspect products ready for shipment.

Part of the requirements for this visa application is a letter of invitation from the company organising the conference or business partners. This is to further give credibility to the application.

3. Tourism Visa

This type of visa is issued to Nigerians and other Nationals who intend holidaying in France. This visa is given purely for tourism and those not require invitation from anybody.

However, the applicant must provide an evidence of hotel reservation and a tour visa to further authenticate the application although that does not guarantee issuance of the visa.

3. Airport Transit Visa

Airport transit visa may be needed when Air France is used for the travel and layover is experienced in France. This is for those who do not possess US, UK or Canadian passport.

French Visa application for Nigerians

To apply for French visit visa, the following documents are needed:

  1. International passport: A valid International passport with atleast 3 consecutive blank pages and 6months validity is needed.

  2. At least two passport photograph.

  3. Visa application form: This is an online form that will be filled out and submitted along with other documents.

  4. Invitation letter: This is compulsory for business visas. An invitation letter from the organizers of the conference, business host must be provided.

  5. Receipt of application checklist: After concluding the online application, the applicant must download the form as well as generate receipt. This document carriers the visa application fee of 60Euros.

  6. Schengen insurance certificate: Evidence of Insurance worth about 30,000 Euros is needed and must be obtained from an approved insurance company.

  7. Flight reservation: Evidence of flight reservation is needed.

  8. Hotel reservation

  9. Marriage certificateertificate: A proof of social ties with Nigeria is also required for the application

  10. Birth certificate: The birth certificate of a child birthed by the applicant is needed to further authenticate the application.

  11. Letter of introduction from employer: A letter from the employer of the applicant is needed and must contain express authorisation of the travel.

  12. Bank statement: The French embassy requires three months bank statement to verify the financial capability of the applicant.

  13. Cover letter: Applicants are not given the liberty of attending visa interviews. This explains why applicants are required to submit a cover letter explaining travel plans and status in Nigeria.

Other documents includes property documents, investment documents, certificate of incorporation for business owners amongst other things.

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