How to Upload NYIF Business Plan –

If you applied for the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) loan, you are required to upload a business plan to the NYIF portal in order to qualify for the fund. Here we will show you how to upload NYIF business plan to NYIF online portal.

How to Upload NYIF Business Plan

The uploading of ‘business plan’ for NYIF loan was made mandatory by the Ministry of Youth and Sport Development during Zoom meeting with the Director of NIRSAL Micro Finance Bank.

If you registered for NYIF loan, kindly read this article to the end to learn how to upload your business plan to the NYIF portal. See sample of NYIF Business plan.

In case you have not registered for the NYIF loan, kindly Click Here to learn how to go about your registration.

What is the amount paid for NYIF loan?

The amount given to an individual ranges from N250,000 to N3,000,000.

When will uploading of business plan to NYIF portal begin?

The uploading begins from Monday, 30 November 2020. From the given date all applicants will be able to upload their business plan.

How to upload NYIF loan Business Plan

Kindly note that qualification for the fund will be determined by your business plan. To upload your business plan to the NYIF portal, visit, login with your details, and then upload your business plan. Your business plan should be in PDF.

Note: If you see “Sorry, you have not been trained”, Click Here for NYIF training.

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  1. For us whom seen “sorry you have not been trained”

    Can we wait a days or not just means will have qualify at all?

  2. I never got any mail from nyif since l registered,Should l upload My business plan or l should until l receive mail from them,someone should tell me what to do pls

  3. Please sir how can I apply for the training in the nyif because I have login they said sorry u have not been train thanks

  4. Please what i keep seeing is ‘ sorry you have not been trained’ any idea on that and the possible solution or latest info about the training stuff..

    Thanks ….

  5. Please I’m having difficulties trying to login. It keeps tell me I haven’t been trained.i kindly need u advise right now. Thank!

    • Please sir, I can’t login. We are to login with email or Bvn or number. Am using my email. But the problem is the password. We didn’t create password during the registration. But to login, you need password. Please what should I do


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