NYIF Training Portal, Date and Time

The Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) portal has been displaying “Sorry, you have not been trained” each time an applicant login to upload the required business plan.

NYIF Training Portal, Date and Time

So, many applicants of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) have been asking if there is a training link for the mandatory NYIF training. For clarification, kindly read this post to the end.

First, disregard messages and/or adverts asking you to pay any amount of money for training, writing business plan or any other services related to NYIF.

NYIF Loan Stages

After submitting application on the NYIF portal, shortlisted applicants would be invited for a training by approved Enterprise Development Institute (EDI), after the training, fund ranging from N250k to N3million will be paid to the applicants’ accounts to enable them start up a business.

NYIF Training Duration

The Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) training will last for five (5) days. It’s a 5 day training.

Is the NYIF Training Free

Yes, it is totally FREE of charge. No applicant should pay for the training or other services. If anyone asks you to pay for the training, know that you are dealing with a scammer.

Is NYIF training online or at designated centres?

There is no conclusion on this yet. Always visit nyscinfo.com as we will update you once the Federal government releases update regarding by the training portal/venue.

What is the date for NYIF training?

There is not fixed date yet. The training will commence immediately after the portal closes for online registration.

NYIF training login portal

As earlier stated, it has not been concluded if the training will be held online or at the designated centres. If it is to be online, possibly, it would either noya.gov.ng or nyif.gov.ng .

NYIF registration closing date

There is not stipulated time/date when portal will close. The Federal government wants to give everyone an opportunity to register. If you have not registered for NYIF, kindly Click Here to register.

However, if you have additional question that you wish to ask, kindly go to the comment section below.


  1. Each time I tried to apply for the loan the response is. ” Sorry you have not been trained.where can I be trained?

  2. I received a text and after following the registration Process i was showed registration Success ,i was asked to Check for a link for a Verification of E-Mail, but i never got the maik

  3. When registering there was nothing like password now to login they are requesting for password, please I don’t understand

  4. Please is the business plan upload not in recognition anymore?
    Because I can’t access it when ever I tried to…
    Or should one wait until a mail or SMS is sent to him/her for training invitation

  5. Hiw do i login my profile after the rigistration, because i have not set any password, but they do asked when login

  6. How can i submit my business proposal? It keeps on saying sorry you have not been trained each time i try to do so. I applied for the loan when it started but haven’t been able to upload my business proposal.

  7. Am still waiting for the training to commence..cuz I register it very early.
    When is the registration is gonna close.

  8. The same to you my friends and verry thank god for that thnks mrs genaral buhari 🙋🙋🙋🙏🙏🙏

  9. Sir, I don’t understand the whole thing. Is it after the training that we would be able to upload our Business plan or what? The portal is just busy showing sorry you have not been trained. I need clarification on this…….

  10. Please sir, you have not yet clarify those who are seeing ‘sorry you have not been trained’ when the site is open to upload business plan. What is our fate, since the business plan will be a qualification for training. Or are we going to receive an alart fist b4 we can be able to upload business plan. Please am confused on this not being trained respond, while I haven’t upload business plan.. please more explanation sir.

  11. Thank you Mr president muhammad buhari we know allways your trying to help the people of this country may Allah guide you amin.

  12. I have registered but do not see any email and I believe not to be the only one,I need explanation please

  13. Please I lost the email address that I use for this nyif can I change the email address to the inbox am using now please help me

  14. They have already tex me for the training in my email but they not allowed me to log in to my password for nirsal app why?

  15. I’m very happy by being part of those who benefit from ur share/alerting applicants of nyif. Thanks.

    • I hope to be a beneficiary of this program,
      But my question is can someone who doesn’t have business, present a business plan.

  16. I have registered for nyif but I have not gotten any message in my Email Spam, what is happening? Can someone send the link for online training for me

  17. I have applied since but I have not received any response from I don’t know exit I have successfully completed or not please help me with this Issue

  18. I login but it’s showing sorry you have not been trained, please when is the date for the training. Thanks

  19. Hello sir/ma
    It just display “sorry you’re not been trained”. Pls what is the problem?

  20. I was shortlisted about 5 days ago, and I have started the online training. It’s actually EDI as it was stated here. There’s always an assessment at the end of each session. The sessions are 21 altogether.

  21. How can one login, remember during registration password was not required but now we are asked to input password, how do we do it

  22. You didn’t tell us why they applicants seeing that message and also, you didn’t tell us if others have successfully uploaded their own or not.

  23. I have already registered for Nyif, so how do I know that I was selected for the training or not?

  24. Pls some ask me to pay for shortlistand he were ask me to rush Cox the list would be out on 4 is that so

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