How To Apply For NYSC Relocation Online

In National Youth Service Corps, relocation is another way of saying redeployment. So whether you call it relocation or redeployment, you are referring to the same thing. In this post, we will show you how to apply for NYSC relocation online.

Other ways to apply for NYSC relocation is through NYSC office or during orientation course in camp.

Meaning of NYSC relocation

NYSC relocation simply means to change your State of deployment. For example: if you are posted to Katsina, you can apply for NYSC relocation to be posted to Lagos.

One of the good things about NYSC relocation is that the application process is totally free.

However, you would be required to pay N1000 to print your relocation letter online but that comes after you have been granted relocation.

Acceptable reasons for NYSC relocation

Please, note that NYSC relocation is not what you can apply anyhow. You must have genuine reason for applying, and your reason should be based on the following:

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1. Health

Any corps member who has a recurring illness that required close monitor by his/her doctor will be granted redeployment if applied.

They will be posted to the state where they can get medical attention.

However, before you apply, you need to get a medical report from government hospital or military clinic or other recognized hospitals.

2. Marriage

This is only applicable to married female corps members seeking redeployment on a  marital ground to live with their husbands.

Such corps members are expected to write NYSC request letter stating why she wants to be relocated to another state of her choice.

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Those applying on marital ground are to attach important marriage documents to their application letter.

See: documents needed for NYSC relocation on marital ground.

3. Security

Every corps member has the right to redeploy to another state if the states they are posted to are not safe for them.

Now, let’s look at how to apply for relocation online based on any of the reasons stated above.

How to apply for NYSC relocation online

Below is how to apply for NYSC relocation online;

1. Visit NYSC website at,

2. Sign in to your dashboard with your email and password,

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3. Click “Relocation” link,

4. Fill the relocation form, and submit.

Congratulations! NYSC will notify you through text message or e-mail if your application is approved.

If you have any question, go to the comment section below.

Updated: May 9, 2020 — 12:57 pm


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  1. Goodmorning. Pls,anyone with news yet about remobilization. Kindly,inform me. Thanks!.

  2. Suuru Omokayode joshua

    I applied for relocation online and it’s still pending… So how can I apply for another one because I was told that you can apply for as many as you want

  3. Osoteku oluwatosin

    Pleaso, enlighten me more on my issue how can I redeploy back to my state because I don’t have the criteria for married women and I have a baby of 11months at hand.

  4. please I applied for relocation online since March, I haven’t gotten any message from nysc yet. please is there a way I can cancel the relocation online?

  5. Berembo Danimiteim Alfred

    Good afternoon i was posted from Rivers to Bauchi state( Giade). Can i redeploy to Bayelsa or Akwa ibom based on distance of the place i am posted to (i feel the place is not Safe)

  6. Please I really want to relocate but don’t know how to table it. I just did my introduction and I found out that am pregnant but I don’t have the required certificate for married woman. Please on what ground will I fill my relocation. My husband stays in Enugu and am posted to Kadunastate.

    1. You can apply on health ground

      1. Osoteku oluwatosin

        Pleaso, enlighten me more on my issue how can I redeploy back to my state because I don’t have the criteria for married women and I have a baby of 11months at hand.

  7. Olubomisoye Bamitale

    I did online relocation is now three months and it not yet to be approve,Are you sure they can still approve it

  8. Good morning, sir.
    I applied for the online relocation on security reason, I’m yet to see the response to the relocation. I heard it takes three months for it to be approved, how true?

  9. Pls is there going to be
    Stream 2 and how can I register

  10. Pls I want to know if at this stage I can still apply for relocation, i am in batch A stream 1

  11. Accolades to d NYSC agent for their enlighment regarding 2020 PCMS.

  12. Jimoh Taofeeq Olamide

    I’m asking this question as at May 12th 2020. Please can I still apply for relocation now? And if so, what’s the possibility of it been granted.

    Note: I’ve already been posted to a PPA in my state of redeployment.


    1. Jimoh Taofeeq Olamide

      State of deployment I meant*

    2. Yes, you can apply for relocation now. The possibility of being granted depends on your reasom for applying.

  13. I have apply for relocation online,from ogun to kano over a month but cant see any respond .thanks

    1. It means NYSC has not approved your application

  14. Pls I did redeployment in camp to a particular state,based on health ground, but now I which to redeploy to another state . Can it be possible? If yes please how can do the redeployment.

    1. It is possible, apply through your dashboard.

      1. Please how do I apply for relocation online. I tried so many times through my dashboard but dont know where to click to apply..thanks

  15. My relocation letter was approved but its the state I wanted. I wanted Enugu while they put me in Abia; can I still apply again? Who do I go with it because I tried doing it online but its not working. Please enlighten me the more. Thanks.

  16. I choose 4 places during registration,if I were posted to one State out 4,can i redeploy to one of the States I selected during registration?

    1. Yes of course. It’s possible!

  17. Can batch c2 apply for relocation, back to the first state of deployment. Eg from KANO TO OGUN back to KANO

    1. Yes of course. It’s possible!

    2. Want to know why is clearance for this month of May is still showing absent. What is the fate. Again, when is it approved for all Corp member to go back to their PPA. Please I want to be updated on this.. Thanks.

      1. It is not an issue at all. No cause for alarm.

  18. Hi good afternoon.
    I’m a remobilized corp member, and they remobilized me to a state that i don’t want can i still redeploy

    1. Yes of course, anyone is eligible for redeployment.

  19. What if I’ve been granted relocation at first based on health grounds and I Was posted to a state close to my state of origin but due to medical reasons I have to be very close to my family, can I still apply for another relocation to be posted to my state of origin?

      1. After camping things, how so we go about relocation

        1. You can apply for relocation online, through your dashboard.

      2. Is it only those posted to northern states that can relocate based on security ground? For example can a person posted to Ekiti relocate based on security ground?

        1. Yes of course, someone posted to Ekiti State can relocate based on security ground, but, you’ll need to explain to NYSC why you’re not comfortable where they posted you.

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