How to Apply for NYSC Relocation Online (Updated)

NYSC relocation is the process within the National Youth Service Corps where a corps member can request a change in their state of deployment. This allows them to be posted to a different state than the one initially assigned.

In this article, we will discuss how to apply for NYSC relocation online on the NYSC portal. Reasons for relocation may include health concerns, marriage, or issues related to security. The application for relocation can be done online through the NYSC portal, and once approved, the corps member is notified, and a relocation letter is issued.

How to Apply for NYSC Relocation

Here are steps to apply for NYSC relocation:

1. Go to the NYSC portal at

2. Log in using your email and password on your NYSC dashboard.

3. Click on the “Relocation” link provided on your dashboard.

4. Complete the relocation form with the required information.

5. Submit the filled relocation form online.

After submission, NYSC will notify you through text message or email if your application is approved. Other methods of applying for NYSC relocation include visiting the NYSC office or submitting a request during the orientation course in camp.

Meaning of NYSC Relocation

NYSC relocation involves changing your state of deployment. For instance, if initially posted to Katsina, you can apply for relocation to be posted to Lagos. The notable advantage is that the application process is entirely free, although a fee of N1000 is required to print the relocation letter online after approval.

Acceptable Reasons for NYSC Relocation

It’s crucial to note that applying for NYSC relocation requires a genuine reason, based on the following grounds:

1. Health

Corps members with recurring illnesses requiring close monitoring by a doctor can be granted redeployment to a state where they can access medical attention. A medical report from a government hospital, military clinic, or recognized hospitals is necessary before applying.

2. Marriage

Applicable to married female corps members seeking redeployment for marital reasons. A NYSC request letter stating the reason for relocation, along with essential marriage documents, is required.

3. Security

Corps members have the right to redeploy to another state if the initially assigned states are deemed unsafe for them.


NYSC relocation is an important aspect of the National Youth Service Corps, providing corps members with the opportunity to change their state of deployment based on valid reasons such as health, marriage, or security concerns. The outlined process for applying online ensures a streamlined and accessible method for corps members to request relocation. As this option enhances flexibility and addresses individual circumstances, it contributes to a more effective and accommodating service year experience.

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