NYSC Letter of Request Sample, Format and How to Write It

Nysc letter of request

NYSC letter of request is a letter you write to the management of National Youth Service Corps asking them to post Corps members to your organization.

But if you are a corps member, you can equally write this letter to ask NYSC to post you to a particular organization for primary assignment.

So, in this article, I will show you how to write a letter to ask NYSC to post Corps members to your company. Or to ask NYSC to post you to a particular organization if you are a Corps member.

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So, this topic covers the following two major points;

  1. Corps member asking NYSC to post/re-post them to a particular Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

  2. Employer or Manager asking NYSC to post Corps Members to their organization.

As a Corps member, if you wish to serve in a particular company, you can write a letter of request to ask NYSC to post you to that organization.

Please note that this may not work if you are a corps member asking NYSC to post you to a particular organization. This is because NYSC is not sure if the organization really need your service.

So, to make sure it works, all you need to do is to write the letter on behalf of the organzation that you want to work for. After then ask the head of the organization (your prospective boss) to sign and stamp the letter. Then anybody can submit the letter to the office of NYSC state coordinator.

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Note: NYSC may not post you to an organization that is not well known or registered with the appropriate government agency.

In the other hand if you are an employer or if you have a business that you need Corps Members to be posted to your company, you can also write the letter.

NYSC request letter format

If any organization in Nigeria is interested in hiring a corps member, they have to write an official letter to the NYSC management. And that is the only way to use corps members in your work place.

The NYSC request letter should meet the following requirements;

  1. Use formal language,

  2. Correct English grammar and spellings,

  3. Make the body of letter short,

  4. Use persuasive writing style,

  5. Be clear, and go straight to the point,

  6. Use A4 paper letter size.

If your letter meet the above requirements, then expect reply from NYSC in a very short time.

Follow the guide below;

  1. Opening paragraph: Introduce your company or organization in one sentence. Then use two more sentences to state your request for Corps member (s) that you want and also state why you are asking for corps member (s).

  2. Closing paragraph: Since you expect a response from NYSC, try to be polite as much as you can in your call to action. Also, provide a date by which you expect to receive a reply.

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NYSC request letter sample

Below is the NYSC request letter sample;

Your Company’s Address

Date with Year

The NYSC State


City or State

Dear Mr. (Name of the state coordinator)


I am writing to request an NYSC member, Nnamdi Okwu Kanu with the Call-up number, NAU/2020/11014 and state code AB/20A/0036 to serve in our organization. Our management believes his/her posting to our firm will be helpful and useful to us.

We appeal to your kind consideration on our request.

I await your kind response.

With best regards,

Manager Your-full-name


Your company contacts (email, phone number)

Your organization/business address

The above is the NYSC request letter format. You can follow it if you want NYSC to post Corps members to your organization for their Primary Assignment

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*Note: Don’t mention name or the identity of that corps members if you don’t know anybody in particular (you just need a corper). Also, state the number of Corps members that you need; it can be 1, 2, 5, 10 or 15.

I hope you find this information useful. If you have any question, use the comment section below.

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  1. Can I send a letter to d my desired ppa to let them know I want to serve there so dey can to send a letter to nysc for me, is dat possible?

  2. Can I send a letter to d my desired ppa to let them know I want to serve there so dey can to send a letter to nysc for me, is dat possible

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  4. sir, will NYSC still pay the allowance package to personnel when I request for one into my organization? or is it my organization who needs to pay?

    • Please sir what is Anambra state code I want to write it on my letter, Thanks

  5. Please I just relocated to oyo state and I don’t have a PPA yet…please if there’s anyone who knows how I can get a good PPA, kindly contact me 08144160085

  6. I’m available should incase any company in delta state needs a corper. I studied computer science, a female and am a fresh corper yet to be posted. Also, accommodation is a plus.

    • Plz I just relocated to Lagos.. I’m looking for a good PPA.. if you have any good info plz lemme me knw

      • Good Dey Gabriel, prior to your message on PPA,may i know your location in Lagos and if you can work with a private logistic firm. call me on 08137284258

  7. Sir please I submitted a request letter and was posted to there, but on getting there they rejected me with a reason that that I was not posted on time and searched and got another place of ppa but different LGA. How can I go about it. Thanks.

  8. Good evening, Please apart from getting a request letter, Can a Corp member write a letter to NYSC secretariate requesting for a particular place to be posted after being sure of getting accepted but not issued a Request letter..

    If Yes.
    Can I have the format of the letter of request and undertaking?

  9. sir i just redeployed to lagos and i want to go and change my state code from kano to Lagos state in Surulere and i was told if you have a request letter it would be better to tender it so i can be posted there.. pls can you help me out sir?

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