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Best Guide To Change Your NYSC PPA

Corps members who are posted to a Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) that they do not like can change to another PPA. Surprisingly, one of the most frequently asked questions by Corps members is “how can I change my NYSC PPA?” Therefore, in this post, we will provide guideline on how to change your NYSC PPA.

Kindly note that before you can change your NYSC Place of Primary Assignment, you need to, first get a ‘rejection’ letter from the head of the PPA that you were originally posted to. Therefore, your lucky ticket to successfully change your current PPA is a rejection letter from the PPA that you want to change.

The rejection letter is an evidence that your current PPA does not need your service, reason you want to change to another PPA that requires your service.

However, getting a rejection letter from your PPA may not be as easy as it sounds, because the PPA you want to leave may not want to let you go, especially when you are an asset to them.

What is NYSC PPA?

PPA means a Place of Primary Assignment. This is a place of work where Corps members are posted to carry out their National assignments after a 21 days training in the Orientation Camp. A Corps member can be posted to places like; Firms, Schools, Companies, Ministries, Establishments, and so on.

Why would a Corps Member change NYSC PPA?

There are many reasons a Corps member would want to change his/her PPA. It may be that he/she dislikes the location.

During my NYSC time, I was deployed to Abia state. After completing 21-day training in the Orientation camp, I was posted to a PPA in remote village; very far from town.

I had wanted to serve in a town, but ended up being posted to a village school. It was like a death sentence to me because no plan to stay in a remote village. Then I never knew I could change my PPA. To cut the story short, I wasted my whole one year in a remote village.

Best guide to change your NYSC PPA

Follow these tips to change your NYSC PPA:

1. Polite Negotiations

You need to negotiate with the boss at the PPA that you want to leave. Politely ask him/her to reject you. Once you got rejected, you would have your way to another PPA. Sometimes, polite negotiations may not work, especially if your PPA boss find you useful to them. For example, if you’re posted to a private school that lack a math teacher, and you studied mathematics related course, the proprietor of such school would not easily issue a rejection note.

Most companies, ministries and schools usually write to NYSC, requesting for a particular number of Corps members to serve in their establishments. Some of these employers wait earnestly for your arrival, and now you have showed up, they can do anything to keep you. So, your polite negotiations may even fail. But if you have enough reasons to help your request, you may be lucky.

According to a research, it’s very much easier to negotiate PPA ‘rejection’ with public schools than privates schools. This is because some public schools may not care if they lack teachers, since it’s the responsibility of the Government to provide teachers.

2. Complain To NYSC

Another way to change your PPA is to take your complaints to NYSC. You need to write NYSC letter of request to your Local Govt Inspector (LGI), Zonal Inspector (ZI) or to the state coordinator. The letter should be in form of a request letter to change your PPA. State the reasons you want to change your PPA. Since most PPA do not provide good accommodation, you can use that as a good point or tell NYSC that your life is in danger.

If you have other reasonable reasons, you can bring it up. I bet, if your reasons are good enough, they will post you to another PPA. So far, I have given you two gentle ways to change your PPA. However, there are other ‘tricky’ ways to go about it. The question is, can you act like Nollywood actors? I believe you can if occasion calls for it.

Trust me, if you can act the following tricks very well, you will get another PPA.

Now, let’s look at the tricks to change your PPA.

3. Display of Aggression

This can be hilarious, but believe me, it works. No employer would like to have an aggressive staff. Below is what you should do;

When reporting to your PPA for the very first time, pretend to aggressive. Flair up at every little statement made by the head of your PPA. Always rant and refuse to hear words.

When you meet your employer (head of your PPA) greet him like an angry man (don’t be friendly with him/her at all)

For example;

Let assume you were posted to a secondary school but you dislike and want to change the PPA.

Go to the Principal office and act:

You: (with an angry voice) Good morning!

Principal: good morning, how are you?

You: (No response)

Principal: Who are you or how may I help you?

You: My name is there (show him your posting letter) I’m posted to your fucking school.

Be aggressive to him. Tell him plainly that he must keep all the conditions stated on your posting letter, including providing good accommodation. With all your aggressive actions, even a desperate employer will reject and let you go even before you ask for it.

4. Act like a stammerer

Wow! This trick will surely work if you can act very well. You must have watched enough Nollywood Movies to know how to act. At the first time you report to your PPA with your posting letter, pretend to be a stammerer. Always be the first to greet the head of the school.


You: Goo gooo go gooood mor mor mmor morning

Principal: Good morning to you, how are you?

You: My ne ne name is Hum humm Humpheeeery

Remember you are a stammerer, so try to stammer with every word that proceed from your mouth.

Then, tell the Principal you would like to take an important subject like English or Mathematics.

I bet, the principal himself will help to make sure your rejection letter gets to your LGI.

Note: Be serious, and do not stammer more than usual before you burst into laugh. If laugh at yourself, the Principle might notice you’re pretending, and accept you anyway.

5. Act Jennifer

Hope you remember the TV series, ‘Jennifer’s diary? If you have not watched that movie, you seriously need to watch it because Jennifer’s skills is required for this particular trick.

So, the point is to speak bad English. Tell the principal something like, “I graduating from Madonna University last year, and like to teach English” … continue the conversation by mixing tenses and let your word pronunciation be like from another planet.

I’m sure no principal would like to use such graduate in his/her school.

6. Act like a naughty guy

Another way to get rejection from your PPA is to act or speak like a naughty boy. This method would, however, be suitable for only male Corps members.

The first day you report to your PPA, address the Principle with a word such as “guy”.


(You entered the Principal office)

You: guy how far (instead of saying “Good morning Sir”)

Then, at a point of conversation, tell the Principle, “I hope the v*gina of your female students are very sweet? Because I like soft and tight one for my regular press up,”.

Any female teacher or student that pass around, look at their buttock and lick your lip in admiration.

With this, I’m sure the Principle will reject and kick you out of his office.

Note: Once you get a rejection letter from you PPA, take the letter to your LGI, he/she will re post you to another place or you can find a PPA for yourself.

WARNING: It’s against the NYSC laws to induce your own rejection. This article is for education purpose only.

Asking your PPA boss to reject you because you don’t like the place is against the NYSC laws. Engaging in such act might attract a penalty.

Source: Nyscinfo

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  1. Comfort


    Please I was rejected from my previous PPA on 21st of this month but have gotten request letter from another firm yesterday my ? is can I submit it it to my LGI tomorrow hope it’s not too late

  2. Oyindamola Ayomide


    Good evening, I got a rejection letter from my old PPA and a new request letter but now I’m hearing Nysc can’t repost you to another local government entirely, how true is this please

  3. Mathew Bala


    Can some one change his PPA with rejection after u have being accepted and have work with them for a month? And what if the employer refuse to reject u and u want to change the PPA due to unfavourable conditions of services. What step can I follow in such a situation?

    • Mathew Bala


      I mean without rejection pls

  4. Uko onyinyechi


    What if you are a nursing mother and the place of your ppa have accepted you but you still want to change can I still change my PPA

  5. Mercee


    How does one go about being posted to a desired state. I am not talking about relocation or redeployment.

  6. Hannatu yerima


    Can someone b rejected twice and also be reposted

  7. Vivian


    I already reported to my PPA but have not done documentation in that place and I wish to change my PPA to Another LGA how possible is that and how am I going to go about it?

    • Ini


      Please where you able to sort this issue out, can you please respond when you see this.

  8. Mohammed Muktar Mustapha


    Pls if someone apply for relocation for certain state and was relocated to another state instead,is there other way the person can get relocation back to his desired state and how can it be done

  9. Maria Chisom


    please if someone has done documentation can the person still change his ppa and what are required

  10. Amaka


    Please, I submitted my request letter along with my rejection letter over a month now and no change has been effected on my dashboard, I got to know that if you don’t have connection and not ready to sort, you won’t get reposted, please help me, I need to get reposted, I’m serving in Lagos

    • You can go to NYSC secretariat to find out why they have not approved your request.

  11. Ayeni Oluwambepelumi


    I have been working with a company for over a month as my PPA,But i need to change because of accommodation issues and all that, and I got another company that is close to where I can stay and all that. How can I change it even after I have been accepted

  12. Lala


    Thank you for this information. I got rejected at my current PPA. I am looking for a request letter so I can submit it along with the rejection letter. Please I would like to know how long I can hold on to the rejection letter before I get a request letter and submit, so I don’t get any quarries

  13. Annie


    How do I change PPA after documenting.

  14. Ani Ogochukwu Johnson


    Am having a problem with the place of my relocation as Was relicated to a state I din’t want,
    Pls what will I do to affect this.

  15. Dixon


    I think my lgi has been bribed because after complaining to her,I was harassed and insulted by the proprietress of my ppa (which I have it recorded on phone as evidence against them)and which no action was taken after. Even when I told the lgi that I can’t work in that environment again. And the ppa even refused to give me clearance letter,pls what can I do?? And my lgi doesn’t want to change my ppa??what should I do?

    • Report to NYSC secretariat

      • Juliet


        Please can I get a sample of a complaint letter… Treat as urgent

        • Gloria


          Please how do I write a complaint letter

      • Okolie Judith


        Is it possible for someone to be posted to where he was working before going for service? If Yes, what are the necessary steps to be taken to achieve that?

        • It is possible… If posted to same state of job, then get request letter from your employer and submit to NYSC.

  16. Oluchi


    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Pls how do I write a rejection write?where I was posted to no accommodation no allowance and I have been working there for like 3months now I told the man to reject me he refuse that I should bring write

    • Humphery


      Your boss is the one to give you a rejection letter… but since he refused, go to your LGI and explain things to him. Your LGI can repost you with or without rejection letter from your PPA boss

  17. Quincy


    Pls i was posted to a school in a local government but i don’t want a sch,so I was able to get a request letter from a ministry in another local government .someone just told me I still need to go to the sch and get a rejection letter first from the school to submit along with the request letter to my lgi,pls is that true or can’t I just submit the request alone for them to repost me

    • Humphery


      You need to get rejection from your PPA boss or reason with your LGI

  18. A. O. Michael


    Lolz….I couldn’t stop laughing with the examples you gave….sooo hilarious.

    Thanks boss, you’re such a very good writer.

    And your timely information is topnotch.
    Keep it up sir

    • Humphery


      Thank you Michael. I’m happy to hear this from you.

  19. jumoke


    I was rejected by my PPA now am seeing they have reposted me there…what can I do

    • Humphery


      Meet your LGI to sort it out

  20. Justin


    If rejected by my PPA. Am I allowed to get a PPA for my self?
    If yes, should I get the PPA before reporting to the LGA?
    In case I wasn’t geven the opportunity to get a PPA of my choice, what is the chance/probability that I will get a better PPA (and not one worse or the same as the previous PPA)?
    finally, if I was given another PPA by the LGA or NYSC, can I be rejected again if I wish?
    I will be grateful if my questions are answered.
    Thank you

    • Humphery


      Yes, you can find a PPA for yourself and then meet your LGI for approval. If you cannot find PPA that is acceptable to your LGI, report to your LGI for him/her to post you to another PPA. He/She will repost you to any PPA he/she likes.

      Advice: if you cannot find PPA for yourself, then stop rejecting the one given to you, you might attract NYSC penalties.

      • Anonymous


        Can I find a PPA outside the area I was given before? For example I was given a PPA in Sapele, Delta but I wanna get rejected and get another in Asaba, Delta. Is this possible?

        • Humphery


          It must be within Sapele. To get Asaba, only NYSC Delta State Coordinator can do that one or LGI in Sapele and LGI in Asaba will meet and discuss your transfer.

  21. Olab


    I can’t just stop laughing
    Thanks anyways

    • Diamond


      Please can I change my PPA after working with them for week the situation is the school lack teachers and I was given three classes to teach that is really affecting me and secondly the distance of my place of PPA to nysc Secretariat for CDs and monthly clearance is very fast and I spend 600 for that , please how can go about to change my PPA.

  22. Joseph Alibi


    Hilarious but it sure helps…

  23. Abba


    Nice advice… Thank you brother!

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