How To Change Your NYSC PPA?

The question, “How can I change my NYSC PPA” is clearly and plainly answered in this article. Kindly be informed that changing NYSC Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) entails getting rejection at your current PPA. In other words, you have to first be ‘rejected’ in your current PPA before you can be free to get another PPA, so, in this article, I’m going to talk mostly about how to easily get rejection letter from your current PPA without violating any rule.

‘How to change NYSC PPA’ is a topic that’s always on the lips of many Corps members, especially after they have been posted to PPA that they do not like.

What is NYSC PPA?

First of all, PPA means Place of Primary Assignment. It is a place of work where Corps Members are being posted to carry out the National Assignment after the 21 days training in the NYSC Orientation Camp. They are posted to places like; Firms, Schools, Companies, Ministries, Establishments etc

Now, you know the meaning of PPA, let’s go into details on how you can easily change your PPA.

Why would a Corps Member want to change his/her PPA?

There are so many reasons you may want to change your PPA; it may be because you do not like the location or job; but whatever the case maybe, we are here to show you the easiest ways you can easily change your PPA.

During my NYSC days, I was deployed to Abia state. After 21 days in the Orientation Camp, I was posted to a PPA that was very far from my expectation; I wanted to go to Aba or Umuahia but I ended up being posted to “Umunnekwu Agbor Secondary Schools, Isuikwuato Local Govt, Abia State”.

That was like a death sentence to me. I had no plan to serve in such a remote village; unfortunately, I never knew that I could change my PPA, oh! I was deprived of the information which I’m about to give you. How I wish I had this kind of information then… To cut the story short, I wasted my time in that village, but all Glory be to the God who made it easy and possible for me.

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Now, you have seen the power of information? Only if I had the right information at the right time. That’s is bygone anyway.

Below are how you can easily change your NYSC PPA.

1. Polite Negotiations: You need to negotiate politely with the boss at the PPA you are posted to. Ask him/her to reject you because once you are rejected, you will be free to go to another PPA but at the approval of your LGI.

In most cases, polite negotiations may not work, especially if your PPA has been looking forward to receive you.

Take for instance, you have been posted to a private school that lack teachers, and now you showed up; do you think they would reject you like that? You may wonder why!

The reason is simple, some companies, ministries or schools usually write to NYSC, requesting for certain number of Corps members to be posted to them.

Some of these employers wait earnestly for your arrival; maybe there are some positions in their work place that need to urgently be filled. For example. If it’s a school, they may be lacking Mathematics teacher for some times now, and you studied mathematics related, and just arrived in the school and begin to ask them to reject you. How funny it may sound to them! They would say big “NO” of course.

Let me ask you, if you were in their shoes, would you act otherwise?

… did you just say yes…? you must be kidding!

As you can see, in some cases polite negotiations may fail. But if you have enough reasons to help your request, you may be lucky.

According to a research, it’s very much easier to negotiate PPA ‘rejection’ with public schools than privates schools; this is because some public schools may not care if they lack teachers or not, since it’s the responsibility of the Government to employ teachers unlike private schools that would take it as do or die affairs.

However, polite negotiation is not the only way, just keep reading!

2. Complain To NYSC: Another way to change your PPA is to take your complaints to the NYSC.  You can complain to the NYSC by writing a complaint letter to either you Local Govt Inspector (Li), Zonal Inspector (Zi) or to the state coordinator.

The letter should be about your PPA and request for a change. Since most PPA do not provide good accommodation, you can use it as a reason or you can tell them your life is under threats (something like that). If you have other reasonable reasons you can bring it up. I bet, if your reasons are good enough, you will  be re-posted to another PPA.

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So far, I have given you two gentle methods you can change your PPA.

There are other other ‘tricky’ ways to go about it. The question is, can you act like Nollywood actors? I believe you can if occasions call for it.

Trust me, if you can act the following tricks very well, you will smile home with your wish being granted.

Now, let’s look at those tricks:

3. Display of Aggression:

This can be very funny, but believe me, it’ll work because no employer would like to have an aggressive person on the list of their staff.

Now, look at what you should do.

When reporting to your PPA for the very first time, pretend to be so aggressive. Flair up at every little statement made by the head of your PPA. Always rant and refuse to be appeased.

When you meet your employer (head of your PPA) greet him like an angry man (don’t be friendly)

Let take this example (see it as your script)

Let assume you were posted to a secondary school that you do not like.

Go to the Principle office or to anybody in charge.

You: (with angry voice) Good morning!

Principal: good morning, how are you?

You: (No response)

Principal: Who are you or how may I help you?

You: My name is there (show him your posting letter) I’m posted here.

Be so aggressive to him/her. Tell him plainly and clearly that he must keep all the conditions stated on your posting letter, including providing good accommodation.

With all your aggressive actions, even a desperate employer would reject you even before you request for it.

4. Act like a stammerer:

Wow! This part will surely  work if you act well. I’m sure you must have watched enough Nollywood movies. It’s time to act them.

At the first time you report to your PPA with your posting letter, pretend to be a stammerer. Of course, you would first greet the Principle.


You: Goo gooo go gooood mor mor mmor morning

Principal: Goodmorning, how are you?

You: Hum humm Humpheeeery

Remember that you are a stammerer, so do stammer with every word that proceed from your mouth.

Then, go ahead to tell them that you would like to take an important subjects like English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology or Chemistry.

How funny that may look!

The principal himself will help you to make sure your rejection letter get to your LGI.

But be serious and do not stammer more than usual before you burst into laugh. If laugh at yourself, the Principle might suspect that you are just acting, and accept you anyway.

5. Act Jennifer:

Hope you remember that TV series, ‘Jennifer’s diary? If you have not watched that movie, you seriously need to watch it because Jennifer’s skills is required here.

So, the point of the matter is to speak bad or very poor English. Tell the principal, “I graduating from Madonna University   and will teaching English” … continue the conversation by mixing past tenses and let your word pronunciation be like from another planet.

I’m sure that no principal would like to employ such graduate to teach in his/her school.

6. Act like a naughty guy:

Another way to get the rejection is to act or speak like a naughty boy.

This particular method would, however, be suitable for only male Corps members.

The first day you report to your PPA, address the Principle with a word such as “guy”.


(You entered the Principle office)

You: guy how far (instead of saying ‘Good morning)

Then, at a point of conversation. Tell the Principle, “I hope the v*ginas of your female students are sweet? Because I like soft and tight ones to do my regular press up”.

With this, I’m sure the Principle will reject you immediately before you cause havoc.

Note: Once you get rejection letter from you PPA, take the letter to your LGI, he/she will re-post you to another place or maybe decide to find a PPA for yourself. Also, note that it is against the NYSC laws to induce your own rejection by asking your PPA boss to reject you simple because you don’t like the place. Doing such might attract penalty, so be careful.

Thank you for reading, you can contribute to this work by using the comment section.

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How To Change Your NYSC PPA?

  1. Polite negotiations

  2. Complain to NYSC

  3. Display of aggression

  4. Act like a stammered

  5. Act Jennifer

  6. Act naughty

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