How to Avoid Being Dropped as One of the Excess 50k Batch C Stream 1 Applicants

The Npower Batch C is expected to accommodate one million (1,000,000) beneficiaries, of which the minister of Humanitarian Affairs Hon. Sadiya Umar F. has given the breakdown of how these beneficiaries will be selected. According to her, the beneficiaries will be selected in batches (stream 1 and stream 2), where each batch is meant to produce five hundred thousand (500,000) beneficiaries.

A total of five hundred and fifty thousand (550,000) applicants had being picked in the stream 1 batch which means after scrutiny the remaining fifty thousand (50,000) applicants will be dropped.

These selected applicants were communicated to via email to undergo fingerprints capturing, which obviously is one of the criteria that must be met if one really wants to avoid being screened out.
Fifty thousand (50,000) is really a large number per say, of which nobody want to be included. Especially after making it this far, but to avoid being screened out, these are things that must be put in place by the stream 1 applicants;

  1. Ensure you enroll for the biometrics verification just as instructed.

  2. Make sure non of the documents uploaded is fake but genuine. As only genuine credentials will be accepted.

  3. Any applicant working under a government establishment won’t be accommodated.

  4. …Read more.

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If all these are properly met, then you won’t be in anyway among those that will be screened out.

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  1. What kind of qualifications you doesn’t have will not qualify you to be part of N-power beneficiary?

  2. I received a congratulatory text that I have been selected for the next phase. I checked my verification bar and it was blank. Is this normal?

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