Page Financials Loan – how to sign up for a loan

There are multiples of financial service providers who will give out desired amount of loan to those who are in need of them, example of such body is Page Financials. Here will show you how to apply for page financials loan in Nigeria. Also calculate your loan with NMFB loan calculator.

Page Financials is one of the leading financial service providers in Nigeria, that has brought positive changes in terms of financial dealings. They brought about a new form of loan services that redefine the ideas of other financial institutions, and also commercial banks.

Although there are some criteria that must be met which includes but not limited to consistent income which will be¬†ascertained¬†from the borrower’s bank, good credit history and other minor requirements.

Actually, an individual can sort for loan because of thousands of reasons, but we have taken our time to bring out five major reasons that encourage one to seek personal loan. The reasons are;

1. Emergency Needs

In a situation whereby an individual needs something to be done urgently with money, and he/she doesn’t have the needed amount at the point in time, the best option is to go for¬†a personal¬†loan. Page Financials will attend to such situation within a short time of few minutes, as long as you have internet access to its online platform. All you need do is to provide the required information, and get funded.

Some emergency needs that can be covered with this loan are;

  • House rent/utility bills
  • Medical bill.
  • Event expenses (i.e.¬†Marriage, Funeral).
  • Urgent car maintenance/repairs or purchase.

Debt Consolidation

This is actually a situation whereby one has taken¬†a loan¬†from a financial institution¬†but couldn’t meet up in paying back, especially when your facilities are involved. To¬†overcome financial distress¬†because¬†of such situation, Page Financials can be a resort to help you remit all forms of payment.

The applicant just need to give the reason of collecting the loan, which is to merge the several loans as one payment. With just this Page Financials will attend to it charging you just a little interest rate.

3. Vehicle Financing

In a quest to own a car or lease a car, auto loan comes into play. However, with personal loan one can easily purchase their dream car without using it as a collateral. Page Financials will definitely get you covered in such a situation.

4. Business Commencement/Expansion

Because the rate of unemployment is high and getting higher, people are being advised to start up a business as entrepreneurs. Such step actually need funds to finance it, likewise someone who already have a setup business but wishes to expand it.

Personal loan is the best option to secure a reduced interest loan, and page financials can sort that for you.

5. Rent/Repairs

With the help of a personal loan, it is convenient to solve any rent issue, as well as renovation/repairs of your apartment.

Getting personal loan from Page Financials is an assurance that no matter the deadline/urgency given to you by the landlord, or the repairs to be made, you can meet up and act as if the funds were readily available.

What to consider before taking a personal loan

Before going for a loan, there are certain things that must be provided of which, without them it will be difficult to get the said loan.
Although collecting a loan from Page Financials doesn’t take time, but you will asked to provide your¬†BVN,¬†which is the first stage, after which you can¬†proceed to¬†second¬†stage,¬†which is the IPPIS Verification. These will¬†be used to¬†access your financial standings.

Requirements for private sector workers

Employees of private sectors who wish to get a loan from Page Financials must meet with the following criteria;

  • Account statement must be up to six (6) months.
  • Monthly salary should be up to one hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000).
  • Apart from bankers who can apply¬†for¬†any location, other applicants must base in Ibadan or Lagos.
  • The applicant’s BVN must be connected to main line (phone number).
  • Provide means of¬†identity¬†to show where you work.

Requirements for Public Sector Employees

Civil servants who wishes to secure a loan from Page Financials are expected to provide the following requirements;

  • Means of Identification (i.e.¬†National ID, Driver’s Licence, Voter’s Card)
  • Payslip of at least three (3) months.
  • A letter of authorization to debit your account.
  • Work place ID.

Reasons to avoid collecting personal loan

There is nothing with advantages that doesn’t have disadvantages, hence, undermining the fact that person loan is good in terms of hard times, there lies some reasons¬†one should avoid it. The reasons are;

1.¬†No Desperate Need of Fund: In a situation whereby you don’t have an emergency need of money, there is no need going for personal¬†loan,¬†as long as you are okay with¬†funds in your possession. Especially when the loan is for something you really don’t need¬†in the future.

2.¬†You can‚Äôt afford it: Personal loan is for solving immediately burden, and must definitely be repaid. Therefore, it makes no sense if you go for a personal loan knowing fully well that you can’t pay back when due.

How to apply for Page Financials loan

To apply for page financials loan, kindly visit

For further enquiries: You can get to their support team via

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