How to Book Appointment with American Embassy

The American embassy in Nigeria is the head office of the US Government Officials serving in Nigeria. The embassy is headed by an ‘ambassador’ who is the representative of the United States Goverment in Nigeria. Here we will show you how to book visa interview appointment with the US embassy in Nigeria. You can also check out: the best job opportunity placement for Nigerian immigrants in USA.

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The capital city of a country is where an embassy is usually located. Branches in other states/cities are called consulates. So the US embassy in Nigeria is located in Abuja (the federal capital territory), but has a consulate in Lagos State.

If you are wondering why you have to book an appointment before you can visit the American Embassy, here’s why;

It’s a compulsory step in the US visa application process. And representatives of the host country cannot enter an embassy without permission or an appointment, even to put out a fire.

An attack on an embassy in considered an attack on the country it represents, and you know exactly what that means for the host country.

The primary purpose of the American Embassy in Nigeria is to assist US citizens who travel to, or live in Nigeria. But US Foreign Officers also interview Nigerians who wish to travel to America for business, education, or tourism purpose.

There’s also interaction between the embassy staffs and the government of Nigeria, NGOs, local businesses, educational institutions, and even the media.

This is to increase understanding of the United States policies, and also to collaborate on shared interests, which is really good for us as a nation.

If you are applying for visa to travel to America, a compulsory step to your visa application process is booking an appointment in the American Embassy. This can be done via an online application, or via the call centre.

How to book appointment with American embassy

Booking an appointment via Online application

The following steps should be followed for an online application;

  1. visit

  2. Fill in a valid email address to create a profile

  3. Enter your password, and fill in the Recaptcha on the web

  4. Book your appointment

Booking an appointment via the call centre

Call the numbers below to contact the American Embassy. An agent of the visa application call services center will attend to you and guide you on how you can book an appointment.

  • Calling from Nigeria: +23412278955
  • Calling from the U.S: +17035202575

Requirements for American bisa interview

Below are documents you should have before you go for the interview;

  • A valid passport for travel to the U.S with a validity date of at least six months beyond the intended staying period.
  • Payment receipt for your visa application from GT bank
  • Your DS-160 confirmation page document (The D-160 is the online nonimmigrant application form)
  • Valid email address and phone number
  • A copy of your immunization records

Another very important requirement by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is that all applicants must complete a medical examination with an authorized physician (a doctor approved by the US embassy) in the country where they will attend the interview. Also check out how to apply for Canadian visa in Nigeria.

Tips to pass US visa interview appointment

Note the following when attending the US visa interview appointment;

  • Take some time to prepare for the interview so you can answer some questions when you face the interviewer.
  • Do not carry foods, big bags, or laptops to the embassy. Take only the things that are required.
  • Dress simple.
  • Be on time, at least 15 minutes before time.
  • You would be taken through a security door that has a full-body metal detector scan as you enter the embassy. Take note of this.
  • You would receive a token which you would use for the interview, and then your fingerprint would be scanned.
  • You would then wait quietly, and patiently in the lounge for your turn. While you are waiting for your turn it is expected that you arrange your documents properly, and comport yourself too.


Booking an appointment in the American Embassy is not so cumbersome if you follow the guide in this article.

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