How To Borrow Money From Airtel In 2022

Imagine having a very important call to make, either to a contact who would give you a link to an opportunity you have been on a look out for a long time. Or you are stranded somewhere with no means to get out except you have to call someone close by to get you out of the place, only to discover you do not have airtime on your phone. That can be very humiliating and even be dangerous, especially when it’s about getting out of a place fast.

How to Borrow Money from Airtel Since you are on this page, however, you need not worry, because you will learn how to borrow airtime from Airtel network and pay back later. Note that this article contains all the information you need to be able to borrow money from the Airtel network without delay.

Airtel Extra Credit?

Whenever you are prepared to go out in the morning, or at any time of the day, the least thing that comes to your mind is the thought of running out of airtime.

While that is understandable, because your transportation fare is the most important thing at such a point, it can be frustrating when you need to make an urgent call but you can’t, because you have no airtime and you are not close to where you can buy some. Or, your bank network fails to process your transaction. At this point, one thing is certain, and it is desperation. But you have no need to be worried because Airtel got your back.

Airtel Extra Credit allows you to borrow credit and repay when next you recharge. Airtel will deduct a service fee of 15%, except for N25 loan.

On another hand, you can also take internet data loan. But while these are possible, it is important to note that you must meet the requirements to qualify to borrow data from the Airtel network.

Requirements for borrowing money from Airtel

  • First, you must have a registered, active SIM card.
  • You must have been using your SIM constantly for 3months.
  • You must have recharged a minimum of N250 per month. This will let them know that you always recharge your line.
  • You must have repaid, fully, any previous loan taken.

Now, this is how to borrow money from Airtel


To borrow airtime or credit from Airtel, kindly follow the instructions below:

Dial 500amount you wish to borrow# For example, if you wish to borrow N100, you will dial 500100#. Otherwise, you can dial *500# and follow the prompt.

Within seconds of dialing the short codes above, you will receive a message confirming that your request is being processed. Note that this can only happen if you meet the requirements. A message will be sent to notify you of your ineligibility if you fail to meet the requirement. You will then be advised to recharge more to be eligible.

If you are qualify, however, you will be credited with N85, say, you request N100. This is because the 15% service charge has been deducted.

How to borrow Airtel Data

Having made provision for subscribers to borrow airtime, Airtel also makes provision for lovers of internet to borrow data if, for some reasons, they can’t buy data, especially when there is no money to do so. To borrow data, please follow the steps below.

Dial *500#

Once the prompt pops up, reply with 3 to borrow data. If this is done correctly, a list of data bundles you qualify for will display on your screen. There can be as low as 10MB or as high as 1TB.

Select the bundle of your choice. And within seconds, they will activate your data plan of choice.

Repaying Borrowed Airtel Credit or Data

Repaying borrowed credit or data is very easy. All you need to do is recharge your line with the amount of credit or data you borrowed. Once you have done this, Airtel will automatically make deductions of the amount you borrowed.

Note that whenever you need airtime or internet data and you are unable to get it, maybe because you do not have money, or you are in an area when you can’t access voucher dealers, or your bank network fails you, Airtel Extra Credit and Extra Data is your plug.

Source: nyscinfo

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