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How to Change your FirstMobile Transaction PIN

First Bank of Nigeria Ltd. (FBN) is one of the oldest banks in Nigeria, founded way back 1894. Aside being an old financial institute, she is known to be among the top digital banks in the country.

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How to Change your FirstMobile Transaction PINFirstbank has an official mobile application, which was designed to make banking activities more easier. This app is known as FirstMobile, and can be downloaded from google play store.

Firstmobile app can be used for financial transactions, and non-financial transactions. Most persons (customers) that bank with Firstbank are familiar with the banking application, while some aren’t. This post will give a clearer view on how to use the application, and also how to change your transaction pin.

Features of Firstmobile Application

The basic features seen at the first front page of the app are;

  • Transfer
  • Payment of bills
  • Buying of airtime
  • QR Payment

Aside these basic features, there are other self services that can be done with the application, these services include;

  • Card service
  • Digital payment
  • Merchant service
  • Account settings etc.

How to Change FirstMobile PIN

It is advisable to always change your transaction pin at least once in every month, as this will enable you secure all your activities with the app.

Don’t forget that it’s very easy for someone close to you to easily access the app, once you normally releases your phone to such person(s).

Therefore, changing of the ‘transaction PIN’ is very important, as the person must have seen, or heard you talk about the special four (4) digit PIN in one way, or the other.

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This will then take us to the steps to follow, which are;

  1. Login to the bank App (Firstmobile).

  2. Go to settings.

  3. Locate ‘Account menu’.

  4. Click on ‘change transactions PIN”.

  5. Input the new PIN.

  6. Re-enter the new PIN for confirmation.

  7. Click on ‘Sumit’.

You can see how easy it is to get the transaction PIN changed.

Note: The banking app is secured, therefore, all customers of the bank can go ahead to have it installed in their smart phones. This will enable banking activities more easier, and faster compare to banking halls.

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