How to check if you are among 25000 pre-approved for NYIF loan

After the disbursement of funds to five thousand two hundred (5200) beneficiaries of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) Loan, another twenty-five thousand (25,000) youths who applied for the loan have been pre-approved for disbursement, but some of these persons are not aware that they have been shortlisted.

Luckily, this post was created to show you how to check if you are among the pre-approved applicants for the NYIF loan.

For one to be pre-approved, such applicant must have done the following;

If the above steps were properly followed, such an applicant will be Pre approved to benefit from the Loan scheme.

How to check if you have been pre-approved for NYIF loan

Visit,, enter your Bank Verification Number (BVN), and then click on “VALIDATE BVN” to continue.

For final approval, applicants are to always check their dashboard and email. As only through those channels they will be notified on whether their loan is being approved or not.

Once fully approved, applicants can login to their profile via to accept or decline the offer.

Source: Nyscinfo

4 thoughts on “How to check if you are among 25000 pre-approved for NYIF loan”

  1. I did all the registration but not notified about any training.. How do one partake in the training

  2. Hellow sir/mr,your highest. I follow all the steps and I rich the place where to upload my local government certificate/document and I uploaded it and they also took me to where I fill some options including my bank name and account number and I uploaded everything finally i submitted. So known what’s the next thing to perform?, and how can I joined the nyif training so that I will be successful to my nyif affiliation?. Thanks u

  3. Onoja Adah Michael

    I have been trying to register for NYIF loan but once I got the local government of business and I click to choose the local government it won’t open I don’t know if there is anything I can do about it please I really need an urgent help.

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