How to Check NYSC LGA Monthly Clearance Status

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on checking your NYSC LGA monthly clearance status. If you’re a Corps member seeking to stay on top of your clearance and ensure timely allowances, this step-by-step tutorial is exactly what you need.

We’ll walk you through the process and provide essential guidelines to help you navigate the NYSC portal with ease.

Discover how to avoid service extensions and keep track of your monthly clearance status for a smooth National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) experience. Let’s dive in and ensure you’re always up-to-date with your NYSC LGA clearance status.

It is not news anymore that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has introduced a feature called “LGA Clearance” on its official website. This new feature enables Corps members to verify their monthly clearance status.

Every month, Corps members are required to undergo clearance, and the results of each clearance are displayed on their dashboard on the NYSC online portal.

This option is only available to Corps members who have already created a profile with NYSC.

If a Corps member misses the NYSC clearance, it will be recorded as “Absent” for them on the NYSC online portal. Having one instance of “Absent” will result in the non-receipt of the monthly allowance, while two or more instances of “Absent” will lead to an extension of the service year without pay.

The severity of the punishment increases with the number of “Absent” instances. You may like to check effect of missing NYSC monthly clearance.

As a Corps member, it is crucial to regularly check your clearance status.

If you see “Absent” on your dashboard for a specific month, it indicates that you did not participate in the clearance for that month.

Note: A successful clearance for a particular month is marked as “Present.” If no clearance is performed in a month, your status will be “Absent.”

How to Check NYSC LGA Monthly Clearance Status Online

Follow the steps below:

1. Visit the NYSC portal at

2. Log in to your dashboard using your email and password.

3. Click on “LGA Clearance.”

4. The page will display the list of months in which you participated in the NYSC monthly clearance, along with your status, which can either be “Present” or “Absent.”

Note: If you see “Absent” for the month you left the NYSC orientation camp, there is no cause for alarm. However, if you see “Absent” for any other month apart from the one you left the orientation camp, you should raise an alarm.

If you see “Absent” on your status but you have actually done the clearance, it is crucial to report this issue to your Local Government Inspector (LGI) as soon as possible.

Corps members should closely monitor their clearance status. Those who will face a service extension will be aware of it and won’t be surprised by any decision made by the NYSC management.

Monthly clearance is highly important for serving Corps members as it is a requirement for receiving an allowance from the Federal Government.

If you have completed the clearance for a month and discover that your status is displayed as “Absent,” it is advisable to contact your Local Government Inspector (LGI) without delay.

Furthermore, your LGA monthly clearance status should appear on your dashboard shortly after completing your NYSC biometric clearance, although this may depend on the network in your area.


Staying informed about your NYSC LGA monthly clearance status is important for Corps members. By following the step-by-step process outlined in this guide, you can easily check your clearance status on the NYSC portal.

Remember, a successful clearance is marked as “Present,” while “Absent” results can have serious consequences such as the non-receipt of monthly allowances or even service year extensions without pay.

Regularly monitoring your clearance status, reporting any discrepancies to your Local Government Inspector (LGI), and addressing issues promptly will help ensure a smooth NYSC experience. Monthly clearance is not only a requirement for receiving allowances from the Federal Government but also an essential part of fulfilling your service obligations.

By utilizing the guidelines provided in this article, you can proactively manage your NYSC LGA monthly clearance status, avoid unnecessary complications, and stay on track towards completing your service successfully. Remember to share this valuable information with your fellow Corps members, as it can greatly benefit them as well.

Stay proactive, stay informed, and make the most of your National Youth Service Corps journey.

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  1. Good morning sir. I checked my clearance for the month of May and it’s absent. How do I go about it since we are on break and we are supposed to have automatic clearance

  2. Good morning sir, I am in batch A stream 1. I checked my clearance status for month of April and it’s showing absent. How do I go about it since we have been on break and we are supposed to get automatically

  3. I have absent in February and March because I didnt do the monthly clearance….what’s my fate?

  4. Good evening sir. My name is Olabisi Charles Batch A Stream 1 2020 Corp member serving at Nasarawa. I am still yet to receive my allawee for this month of April, I have checked my balance and my gmail to see if I could see the alert there but to no avail. What can I do after sending several texts to my LGI in regards to this. Help me sir. 08118359186. My number

  5. Please is there a specific browser that i can use to check my LGA clearance? Have tried using goggle,opera mini but it i s not showing

  6. Good day, pls I’m back A 2020.

    I applied for the online relocation close to a month now but I’m yet to receive any update, still pending.
    What can I do?

  7. Now dat our orientation camp excise has been closed till further notice due to the coronar virus. Can someone still apply for relocation online.

  8. Pls long it take the status of absent on someone dashboard to change to present after doing the biometric clearance?

  9. hello like I said, shehu sahabi sadiq is my name, batch B1.Idid my clearance yesterday evening, my dashboard still remain absent.what do I do?

  10. Hello I have an accident and been in the hospital and my nydc dashboard is showing 3month absent I saw a disciplinary case on my dashboard asking me to stating why I have been absent or I will be absconded/ remobilize

  11. I’m Olumide 2019 BATCH C STREAM 1…I got paid in camp at the month of November then I relocated from taraba state to Oyo State then located the Secretariat and submitted the approval letter and was told to come back by January to proceed registration now in the month of December my clearance status is reflecting’absent’pls will I still be paid December allowance?

  12. I’m a batch c stream 2 corp member (2018), after my 12 the clearance I screen, I checked my dash board all the months were marked present only to check tonight and discovered DEC to July was showing absent. I have screenshot of the one marked present and the last one . pls help!

  13. Hi good evening. Please my clearance is showing absent on my dash board due to wrong LGI which they just notified me. So i went to my normal LGI yesterday and I was told to do my documentary with them to start my clearance with them by November. I asked them about the previous allowance and they said it’s non of their concerns, somebody told me to wrote a latter like 2weeks ago I did and submitted but haven’t heard anything from them. Pls tell me if there’s anyway to claim my money because I didn’t missed anyone since I have started and I have prove. I hope to read from you soon. Thanks

  14. Am A Batch B Stream 2 Corp Member. Afta Collecting D 1st Allawee In Camp, Which D Orientation Cos Runs Frm 20th Augu To 9th Sep, And After Documentation From My Local Govt Of PPA, I Was Able To Do Clearance 4 D Month Of Sept, And My Dashboard Is Dispaying Present 4 D Month Of Aug And Sep, My Question Is That, Am I Going To Get The Allowance At The End Of Sept Since I Have Done Clearance. Thanks

  15. Please sir i couldn’t register for batch B stream 2 because of the jamb matriculation and i have gone to jamb office to change it and it has been rectify but it hasn’t changed in the nysc portal, why is it still showing not matriculated?

  16. Pls brother the date of birth in my new jamb regularization is 1993.But my school uploaded my real age 1988 when they mobilized us.pls how can i correct this and can it effect me or lead to EXEMPTION?


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