How to Check NYSC LGA Monthly Clearance Status online

In this post, we are going to show you step by step process on how to check NYSC LGA monthly clearance status online at the NYSC portal.

It is no longer news that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has added a new feature, “LGA Clearance” on its official website which allows every serving Corps members to be able to check their monthly clearance status done at the Local Govt where they are serving across the country.

This means that every monthly clearance they did at the local government where they are serving MUST reflect to their dashboard at the NYSC portal. However, this option is available only to serving Corp members who have a profile with NYSC.

It is very important to note that having “absent” record for any month may affect your chances of recieving your monthly allowance for that month or even cause extension of your service year without pay.

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Even if a Corps member is sure that he/she has never missed any monthly clearance, it is still important that he/she check his/her status online at the NYSC portal to make sure it reflects on his/her dashboard.

Seeing ‘Absent’ on your dashboard for a particular month means that you did not participate in clearance for that month.

In this article, we shall be showing you some guidelines on how to check your NYSC monthly clearance status, so that you can check your dashboard to ascertain the status of your monthly clearance.

Note: A successful clearance for a particular month will be seen as “present”. If no clearance is done in a month, your status appears as “absent”.

How to Check NYSC LGA Monthly Clearance Status online

1. Go to the NYSC portal at

2. Login to your dashboard using your registered Password and e-mail. (The Password and e-mail that you used during your NYSC online registration)

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3. Click on “​LGA Clearance​”. It would show you the List of Month you partake for clearance and your status, which can either be ‘Present’ or ‘Absent’

Nysc monthly clearance status check

Note:​ Do not panic if you see ‘​Absent’​ at the Month you left the NYSC orientation camp, but, if you see ‘Absent’ in any other Month aside​ the month you left NYSC orientation camp; then you have to raise alarm because “Absent” means that you did not participate in the monthly clearance for that Month!​

If you see “Absent”, but you actually did clearance, the best thing for you to do is to report to your Local Government Inspector (LGI’s)​ before it is too late.

This would keep serving Corps members in view of their clearance state. Whoever would get an extension of service wiil know and won’t be shocked at the whatever decision the board takes.

Monthly clearance is very important for serving corps members as it is a prerequisite to getting the monthly allowance from Federal Government. If you cleared for a month and find out that your status is showing as “absent”, it is advised to see your Local Government Inspector (LGI) as soon as possible.

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Also, your LGA monthly clearance status should reflect on your dashboard as soon as you have done your biometric capture. Although, it depend on the network in the area.

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Updated: May 1, 2019 — 9:42 am

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