How To Collect Original WAEC Certificate and the Cost

Do you want to know how to collect the original WAEC certificate or how much it costs to collect it? In this post I’ll show how to collect original WAEC certificate and the cost.

WAEC is an acronym for West African Examination Council. It was established by law to conduct and award examination certificates in the English speaking West African countries, to those of equivalent examination bodies worldwide.

The WAEC original certificate is not same as its statement that schools write nor the online print out. Before I proceed, let me show you  the sample of the original WAEC certificate. See the picture below:

How To Collect Original WAEC Certificate and the Cost

It had been reported that good number of people who wrote their WAEC exams as far as in 1960 are yet to collect their original WAEC certificate.

I still don’t know why some people would decide to abandon the fruit of their labours.

Surprisingly, many of those who have collected  did so when they needed it for something else, that doesn’t sound nice.

How much does it cost to collect original WAEC certificate?

Because of the increasing high number of uncollected certificates, WAEC fine candidates for not collecting their certificates depending on how long it stays in their office. The fine ranges from N3,500 to N23,500.

Cost of Collecting WAEC Original Certificate

The cost depends on the duration your results stayed in WAEC office:

  • 0 to 4 years: N3,500
  • 5 to 9 years: N8,500
  • 10 to 14 years: N13,500
  • 15 to 19 years: N18,500
  • 20 years and above: N23,500.

Which category do you belong?

Whichever category you belong, try to collect your certificate as soon as possible to avoid moving to next category of fine.

Having known what it costs to collect WAEC original result, let me quickly show you how to collect WAEC certificate. But before that let’s discuss about WAEC a little.

WAEC conducts 4 different categories of examinations;

1. International Exams: This exams is known as WASSCE, it takes place simultaneously in five West African countries, 3 times in a year. These  are:

  • WASSCE for Private Candidates (January to February).
  • WASSCE for School Candidates (March to May)
  • WASSCE for Private Candidate, MAIN GCE (September to October)

2. National Exams: This exam is conducted in individual countries;

  • Junior Secondary School Certificate is for Nigeria and the Gambia,
  • Junior and Senior High School Certificate Examinations is for Liberia,
  • National Primary School and Basic Education Certificate Examinations is for Sierra Leone,
  • Basic Education Certificate Examinations is for Ghana,
  • Senior School Certificate Examinations for Ghana.

3. Exams jointly conducted with other examining bodies: WEAC also conduct exams in corroboration with other examining bodies such as:

  • City and Guilds of London Institute
  • Royal Society of Arts

4. Exams conducted on behalf of other examining bodies: WAEC also conducts international exams on behalf of other examining bodies including JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board) examination which they conduct in countries outside Nigeria.

Please note that your Date of Birth will be written on your WAEC original certificate, and WAEC would not entertain any request for amendment of date of birth after releasing tesults.

Now, let’s look into how you can collect your original WAEC certificate.

How To Collect Original WAEC Certificate

Whether you from Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia or Liberia you can collect your original WAEC certificate without much stress.

Be informed that WAEC organizes three different of WASSCE in a year as you learnt above.

Regardless of the examination type, WAEC original certificates are always ready for collection within one year the statement of results are out.

For school candidates (internal WAEC candidates), they can collect their certificates from their respective schools. The requirements and fees for collection varies from  schools. So, it’s your responsibility to find the requirements from your school.

For private candidates, you can collect your certificate from the nearest WAEC office.

Kindly be informed that you will be required to pay a fee if your certificate has been up to 3 years from the date it was released. WAEC calls it,  ‘custody fee’ and the amount depends on how long your certificate was kept in WAEC’s custody.

Requirements For WAEC Original Certificate Collection?

You are expected to produce the following documents among other things.

  • Application letter
  • Online result printout
  • Identity Card
  • A passport photograph
  • Affidavit from the High Court

After collecting your certificate, DO NOT laminate it. You can keep it safe by placing it on transparent water prove file to prevent it from damage.

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  1. Agu Ifeyinwa E

    I wrote my WAEC 2004 and lost my original certificate, how can I get another WAEC certificate, please I need another original certificate. How can I get it?

  2. Hi, i wrote my neco in 2017 and in 2023 i went to my school to collect my certificate only to be told that my school has been sold and the name of the school has also changed.The new school principal does not have my neco certificate.Please, how do i go about it and collect my certificate.Any advise on how to go about it. Thanks.

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