How To Convert Naira To Pounds At CBN Exchange Rate

Nigerians who always travel to the United Kingdom for work, study, business and other important reasons are required to have the appropriate currency to be able to conduct transactions in their host country without any issues. Whereas Nigeria uses Naira as its official currency, the United Kingdom uses the Great Britain Pounds as it official currency. In other words, you have to convert the money you plan to spend in the United Kingdom to the pounds.

The exchange rate changes every seconds. This means that, the exchange rate can be totally different in the next seconds and minutes from what it is at the moment. Fortunately, the changes are not deep and, as such, they are not expected to be bring about much difference in the final outcome of the discussion.

Foreign exchange is a very big business. You need to be very careful in order to not fall into the hand of scammers. This is the reason you need to arm yourself with the correct information about the right platform to follow so you can be on the advantage. Below, we discuss extensively how you can change your naira to pounds.

Requirements for changing Naira to Pounds at officiaI exchange rate

You do not need much to provide if you want to exchange Naira for Pounds, as the right to do so is absolutely yours. The document you need to provide is simply your valid international passport and details of the amount of Naira you want to exchange for pounds. Other requirement is dependent on the international organization which you want to do business with.

How to convert Naira to Pounds at CBN exchange rate

The process to follow:

1. Now the current exchange rates

A lot of websites publish real-time information on the happenings within the foreign exchange market. Although their information may be in line, but you will find out that not all their information reflects the exact situation. To find the most accurate information, the CBN website is your best plug.

2. Prepare the amount you want to exchange

Compare to other foreign currencies, the pounds is stronger to naira. This is a pointer that you will need a large sum in naira to raise pounds in hundreds and thousands. It is important you have your complete equivalent of the amount you need in pounds in naira before you can move ahead to the exchange office.

3. Exchange your naira at the CBN

Having gathered the amount you need in naira, you can proceed to the Central Bank of Nigeria. There, you can approach an officer to assist you exchange your naira for the pounds. They will request you to present a valid passport for checks.


It is extremely important you count and certify the pounds complete before you leave the bank, as the bank will not entertain any complaints of shortages after you must have left the banking hall.

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