How to Create Flutterwave’s Virtual Dollar Card

Flutterwave’s Virtual Dollar Card – The difficulties of sending money out of Nigeria cannot be overstated, and certain CBN actions have exacerbated the problem by causing more problems than they have solved in terms of trans-border payment solutions.

This clearly does not make any economic sense, and it is widely believed that it should be revisited in the future in order to alleviate the suffering of Nigerians who have had great difficulty sending money abroad.

As a result, fintech companies have been at the forefront of innovation to further financial inclusion, allowing everyone involved to send, spend, or pay anyone online anywhere in the world with no need to go through a lengthy process.

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What is Flutterwave Dollar Card?

Flutterwave’s virtual dollar card is one of their innovations to ensure that you can pay and spend money in USD while traveling abroad.

This is also known as a Barter virtual card, because it allows you to make payments and purchase online from anywhere in the world, even if your local card won’t let you due to standing limits.

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How to Create a virtual dollar card on Flutterwave

  • Please download “Barter by Flutterwave” from the app store and join up to receive access to the platform.
  • The next step is to complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) form. After that, you must fund your Barter account, which can be done using a debit card or a bank transfer, depending on the situation.
  • Find and click the “Create a new card” button.
  • You have the option of creating a multi-purpose card that may be used for online purchases and payments, or a personalized card for a specific purpose.
  • Then type in the amount you want to put on your dollar card.
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You’ve just produced a flutterwave virtual dollar card; please be aware that there is a card creation cost.

Source: Nyscinfo

Updated: October 16, 2021 — 12:08 am

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