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How To Detect Hacked Npower Batch C Account

Desperation towards being a beneficiary of the N-Power program has led many applicants to disclosing of their Npower/NASIMS account login details to many fake websites, targeted to extract their personal information. We created this post to answer many questions regarding the N-Power Batch C applicants’ accounts being threatened by hackers.How To Detect Hacked Npower Account

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From most of the questions asked, we have come to realize that majority of applicants have had their accounts hacked, due to one reason or the other.

We’ve gotten several complaints from N-Power Batch C applicants who after accessing their profile on the NASIMS portal; they discovered that someone else has already done the fingerprints capturing (biometric verification). Now read through to see what must have gone wrong on your behalf.

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Means of identifying a hacked Npower account

Once any of the following is observed on an applicant’s profile, it tells that such account has been hacked;

1) When you tried logging into your profile on NASIMS portal but to no avail, especially after several attempts at different time. (Sometimes bad network can cause this problem, but not when there is less traffic on the portal).

2) When you log into your account and discovered different details, and documents had being uploaded to replace yours.

3) When you get to realize that Biometric Verification (Fingerprints capturing) is already being done, without you being aware.

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Such occurrence therefore means that;

You must have disclosed your details to wrong hands, most especially those fake Npower websites that are being created by scammers, whose major aim is to extract details of innocent applicants.


You gave your details to a close friend, family member, or cyber café where you must have gone to update your records, write test, and so on.

However, there is still hope in such a situation (having hacked Nasims account). Affected applicants are to contact the support team for swift action via; Phone call: 01888189 or 01888340. Email:

Kindly share this information with friends and relatives.

Source: Nyscinfo

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1 Comment

  1. Victoria


    If I used my voter’s card to register Npower and I misplaced it what then can I do

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