How exited Npower Beneficiaries Coping while waiting for NEXIT

The federal government had promised, through the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, to engage the exited beneficiaries of the Npower Scheme (Batch A and B) with a transition program called NEXIT. However, it is believed that with the NEXIT program, those discharged beneficiaries will be re-engaged in other goverment opportunities instead of being left to their own fate.

After successful registration for the NEXIT program, the management team was expected to implement and kick start the process. But it’s now getting to a year, and nothing has being done.

This has become an issue, as the affected persons who were hoping for the program to begin have now lost hope. The management of the NEXIT scheme gave update a few weeks ago that they are sourcing for funds to kick start the program, since it wasn’t captured in the 2021 budget.

Instead of waiting for the NEXIT program, some of the exited beneficiaries (Batches A and B) had engaged in other activities to survive, while waiting for when the NEXIT scheme will be fully implemented.

3 ways exited Npower beneficiaries are coping

While implementing the NEXIT package is being delayed, some affected persons who couldn’t wait for the empowerment program have ventured into something else, from what we’ve gathered so far, the three (3) major sources of survival are;

  1. Engaging in menial jobs in their locality.

  2. Starting up businesses from any of the available government intervention fund scheme, or collecting loans from banks/financial institutions.

  3. Depending solely on Family, and Friends.

We should put it in mind that the exited Npower Beneficiaries affected by the delay in the NEXIT program is about five hundred thousand (500,000) youths, hence the federal government needs to create means that will hasten the implementation of the empowerment scheme.

It is obvious that other Batch A and B beneficiaries of the Npower program might have a better or worst experience, while waiting for implemention of the NEXIT program. Therefore, we are encouraging you to make use of the comment section to tell us how you are coping with life, ever since the disengagement of Npower Batch A and B beneficiaries.

Source: Nyscinfo

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