American Spaces In Nigeria & Their Locations

American Space is a location where anyone who wishes to know more about the US (United States) are privileged to gain the needed knowledge either through movies, lectures, magazines or well concise books. Here we shall look at the American Spaces in Nigeria and their location. Also check how to book appointment with American embassy. American Spaces In Nigeria

In most cases, American Spaces are located in embassies, libraries, schools, and other institutions that partner with the Americans.
In the entire globe, there are over six hundred (600) American Spaces in one hundred and fifty (150) countries, of which Nigeria is one.

American space is known for its welcoming environment, of which several people have gotten a better knowledge about them through the following activities;

a. A well-organised workshops (English Language and Several career skills can be acquired through this medium).

b. A special platform known as EducationUSA meant for foreigners who wish to study in the United States.

c. Clubs and classes that rendered academic resources, teach digital skills of the 21st century, and introduce modern technology.

d. Programs on International Affairs, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Events, etc.

There are currently eighteen (18) American spaces in Nigeria, although some states have over one space which can be viewed via this link

But in course of this post, we will just pinpoint the nine states that harbour the eighteen (18) American Spaces in the country. They are as follows;

  1. Lagos State.

  2. Cross River State.

  3. Bauchi State.

  4. Kano State.

  5. Plateau State.

  6. Oyo State.

  7. Sokoto State.

  8. River State.

  9. Borno State.

From these various American Spaces, you can easily make enquiry on the America Visa’s and get the needed information swiftly.

Source: Nyscinfo

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