How To Download Donald Trump Truth Social Media App

Truth Social is a social media platform developed by Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America. It’s a novel concept to bring people together on a single platform and listen to them by posting a Truth, Re-Truth, news story, photo, or video link to interact with your friends, customers, and the rest of the world. In this post, we will show you how to download Truth Social App by Trump.

TRUTH Social was created through a company founded by a merger of the Trump Media and Technology Group, and a special acquisition company (SPAC).

It’s a better method to stay current with viral news and breaking news with evidence. Keep in touch with the individuals who have direct power over you, and don’t be surprised if your Truth goes viral.

How to download Donald Trump Truth Social Media App

Truth Social app is now available for pre-order on the App Store – CIick here!

How to join Truth Social Network

You can join a waiting list on the Truth Social portal :

Features of Trump Truth Social App

Below are some features of the app:

Setup Profile

Make your profile stand out with a good profile picture and background. With the help of follower and following counts, you may examine your personal connections.

Truth Feed

The Truth Feed shows you postings from individuals you follow, as well as photographs, links, and other information. Keep up with the newest ideas and activities from people, organizations, and news organizations.


As you engage with others, Truth Social begins to take on a life of its own. Find a voice you like and follow them immediately from the search results, or browse their profile first before making a decision.


Maintain a level of engagement as you grow your audience. Check out who’s following you and how they’re reacting to your Truths.

Truth social details:

  • Seller: T Media Tech LLC
  • Size: 12.4 MB
  • Category: Social Networking
  • Founded: October 20, 2021
  • Location: United States · Canada
  • Owner: Trump Media & Technology Group
  • Founder(s): Donald Trump
  • Link:
  • Registration: Required

Currently, available for just iOS users, Google play store app is yet to be released.


iPhone (requires iOS 13.0 or later)

iPod touch (requires iOS 13.0 or later)

Source: Nyscinfo

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