How to Download Instagram Photos|Follow These Simple Steps

Among all the social media sites, Instagram arguably gives the best picture quality, making it a very attractive platform for people to source high-quality photos for use on other online platforms. However, it has sadly been proven over time how difficult it is to lay your hands on a picture from Instagram.

In this article, Nyscinfo has taken it upon itself to research and share ways that our readers can easily download photos of their choices from Instagram without stress. Please read this article till the end to get all the information.

How To Download Instagram Photos Using The Source Code

Here are the steps to follow to download Instagram photos with ease. Note that the steps shown below works with Google Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Brave Browser.

  • Right-click on the photo, be careful not to click on the gallery’s “arrows” or any other superfluous features.
  • Choose the menu item “View code.”
  • A mini-window containing developer tools, divided into two sections, appears. One of the lines of the page code will be highlighted in the main left section.
  • Select a line above the one you were working on, and then click on the small triangle icon at the beginning of it. A nested code snippet is displayed.
  • In it, right-click on the last link (underlined) and choose “Open in new tab” from the menu.
  • The photo in its highest resolution will open in a new browser tab. The image will now be saved as a normal image.

The procedure is same if you need to download a movie instead of a photo. However, in paragraph 3, you must pick and expand the line from the top through one that is already active. The fragments should then be expanded multiple times until the tag command is no longer applicable.

How to Save an Instagram Photo Using Online Services

The shortcomings of the prior strategy may result in the elimination of online services. Such services operate entirely online, with no installation or registration required. Nonetheless, they provide speedy and high-quality Instagram photo posting on a PC. With their assistance, you may save one or more images with just a few clicks, without having to deal with code or screenshot processing (we won’t even tell you about this way because it is lengthy and extremely hard.)

There are numerous such services (Bigbangram, DownloadGram, iGrab, and instaSave, to name a few). They are virtually identical. The most crucial aspect, though, is the Instagram photographs. Each of these allows you to quickly and easily download any Instagram photo from a public account (to download a photo from a private account, you must register and input your Instagram account details).

The services work according to the same method:

  • Copy the link to the required Instagram photo.
  • Paste the link into the search field on the selected service.
  • Click the “Download” button.
  • After a few seconds, the selected photo or photos will be saved to the appropriate PC folder.

Furthermore, such services enable the download of images and videos, stories, IGTVs, and much more. All downloads are also quick, high-quality, and completely free.

How To Save An Instagram Photo Using Messenger

If you use messengers frequently, you will prefer this option (especially if your messenger includes a desktop version).

You’ve seen how you may submit a link to a video in messengers and it will be included to the chat automatically. The same phenomenon occurs with photographs.

  • Copy the link to the desired post.
  • Open a messenger installed on your computer, for example, Telegram.
  • Send this link to “Saved” messages or a friend’s open chat. Furthermore, when a link is sent, all photos from the carousel post are instantly added.
  • To save a photo, right-click on it and choose “Save as.”

If required, repeat the process with other images from the carousel.

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