How To Download Npower PPA Deployment Letter

We are pleased to inform all the applicants of N-Power Batch C Scheme that the deployment letter is now available on the NASIMS portal for printing. This post will guide you on how to download the Npower Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) Deployment Letter for printing.

You can view or download your Npower PPA letter on your phone, and then proceed to cyber cafe for printing. The N-Power PPA letter should be printed with a color printer.

Please note that beneficiaries are to resume/start work within the first 3 days of posting. On resumption, they will be assigned to a supervisor that will appraise them.

How to download Npower PPA deployment letter

Follow the guide below to download your Npower PPA letter:

  1. Go to NASIMS portal (

  2. Login to your dashboard with your email address and password.

  3. Click on ‘Deployment’ tab to view your N-power deployment details.

IF DEPLOYED, you will see a message that reads:

“We have verified your details and your application has been deemed successful. Please check below for your posting details“.

IF NOT DEPLOYED, the message will read;

“You have not being deployed yet. Please check back for the deployment information after deployment date has been set“.

Npower PPA Deployment letter sample

Veiw the N-power deployment letter sample below:

Npower deployment letter sample

Source: Nyscinfo

4 thoughts on “How To Download Npower PPA Deployment Letter”

  1. Olowu Eldad Keturenyin

    Pls mine is saying that N Teach is not in my LGA and I should choose another I don’t understand pls needs help

  2. ufanobong Daniel

    I have been trying since yesterday to download my PPA letter but I can’t.. what I keep seeing is error refresh and try again” and we have only 3dats what do I do in such case

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