How To Fill Internal NYSC Mobilization Form in Your School

In this post, you will learn how to fill internal NYSC mobilization form in your school for 2020 Batch A

The NYSC internal mobilization is the process of collating data of graduates for National Youth Service Corps programme. This is usually done by filling a mobilization form in your school of graduation.

How To Fill Internal NYSC Mobilization Form in Your School

There is a form that will be given to you by your institution to fill NYSC mobilization. It is called internal mobilization form because it’s done within your institution.

Note: Some schools final clearance serve as internal mobilization. So, it is your responsibility to find out if your school require you to fill the internal mobilization form.


How to fill internal NYSC mobilization form in your school

Below are details you need to fill the NYSC internal mobilization form in your school;

  1. Surname: (write your surname e.g Eze)
  2. First Name: (enter your First name e.g Humphery

  3. Middle Name: (enter your middle name e.g Okechukeu)

  4. Sex: (indicate your gender e.g ‘Male’ or write ‘Female’ if you are a lady)

  5. Date of Birth: (write it as it appears on your JAMB Form)

  6. Marital Status: (write ‘Single’ or ‘Married’ as the case may be). See, NYSC mobilization requirement for married women.

  7. State/Local Government of Original: (Write your state slash your Local Govt e.g Enugu/Udi)

  8. School: (write the name of your school e.g Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka)

  9. Department/Option: (write your department e.g Statistics)

  10. Mat. Number: (write your matriculation number)

  11. Class of Degree/Total GPA
    Award: (write your degree slash your GPA e.g BSc/Second class upper, 3.6)

  12. Year of Graduation: (enter your year of graduation e.g 2019)

  13. JAMB Reg. Number/PIN: (simply enter your JAMB reg number e.g 116***431FG)

  14. Phone Number: (enter your phone number e.g 08109***653)


Note: The form might vary from school to school, but whatever it is, just fill it. They will not ask you for extra information aside what we showed you above.

You can CIick Here to check if your school is on the list of schools their internal mobilization form is out.

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  1. What about if your result is not yet ready can you fill the mobilization form? Because i saw some place in the form were you can fill your GP grade.

  2. Pls Mr. Humphrey in the aspect of date of birth pls is there no way I can make changes because my waec is carrying a different date to my jamb so should I still fill the same thing on my waec or the one on jamb … For example my waec is 16/02/1997 while my jamb is 16/02/1996 which one should I fill in the form … Pls tell me


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