How To Fix Some Errors Encountered On NASIMS Portal

Ever since introducing the NASIMS portal, which is meant for carrying out the next stage of the N-Power Batch ‘C’ recruitment, most applicants have been experiencing some errors, which is an obstruction for free access to some key areas/pages on the portal.

Because of this, we deemed it necessary to update all applicants on how they can fix some errors encountered on NASIMS Portal.

Kindly note that several applicants are trying to access the NASIMS portal, which increases the number of users (traffic) on the platform. Hence the major reason behind the errors on the portal, although other factors are involved.

So, we took our time to analyse most of these problems and came up with some vital tips.

How to fix some errors encountered on NASIMS Portal

Below are some errors and how to fix them;

1. Password Reset Error

This is what should be done in such case;

  • After clicking on the ‘Forgot Password’ icon on the NASIMS login page and get a message telling you that you have successfully reset your password when you haven’t done the resetting. Don’t panic, kindly go back to the portal and click on the “Forgot Password” reset button again, so as to get the proper resetting link.
  • At the point of sending the password reset link, a response saying ”something has gone wrong try again” might display at the top of the page. Don’t lose hope, kindly refresh the page and try the process again and again until you get a message saying ‘Successful’.

2. NASIMS Record Update

Some Npower Batch C applicants made several avoidable errors while updating their record, as some uploaded the wrong documents which need to be corrected. Well, if you are among such applicants, there is no cause for alarm as the NASIMS portal made provision for such corrections. In a situation whereby a passport was uploaded in place of a certificate etc, you can simply click on upload and get the correct document uploaded to overwrite the previous one. Other errors experienced during record update and their solutions are as follows;

  • If you mistakenly fill a wrong date of birth, you can correct it while validating your BVN on the portal.
  • To avoid errors, ensure the size of your documents doesn’t exceed 200kb.
  • Re-upload your passport photograph while uploading other documents to avoid unwanted error.
  • Also, during validation of BVN, you are advise to use the date of birth entails in your BVN to avoid errors.


The possible solution to errors seen with the NASIMS test ID is as follows;

  • The registration number for all Npower Batch C applicants is the test ID. It can be seen whenever applicants login to his/her profile, and it starts with NPWR /2020 / x x x x x. This special Identity number is needed alongside your new password to take the test.
  • There is a possibility that one can get an error message while trying to login with the correct ID and Password. Well, the only solution is to keep trying, as thousands of applicants are trying to access the portal every minute.

Note: If you tried all these solutions, and yet to see a positive outcome, it is advisable to keep on trying because as time goes on the portal will be free from too much traffic, which is the main cause of the above mentioned errors.

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  1. Ritaro Emmanuel

    The ID that was given me started with TCF8023581 and i couldn’t login to start my test. And i couldn’t login to Npower portal to check my previous ID. So what can i do in a situation like this.

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