How To Get Opay Account Number In Nigeria

To receive payments or transferring money to your Opay wallet, one needs to login to their Opay account, copy the account number, and fund their wallet. In this post, we will show you a detailed explanation on how to get your Opay account number. You may also like to read how to open an Opay account.

Opay has made banking transactions easy for Nigerians since its introduction into the Nigerian banking sector.

All you need is to install an Opay app and sign up using either android or iPhone device. With Opay, you can save, invest, receive and even transfer money for free, while you earn back on some transactions.

Getting your account number on Opay is simple, yet a lot of people still ask questions such as “Is my phone number my Opay account number?” “how do I get my Opay account number?, etc.

Therefore, if you are among those asking questions about how to get an Opay account number in Nigeria, this post will not only answer your questions but also show you what the account number looks like and how to easily get it.

What is Opay account number?

An Opay account number is a 10-digit number (similar to bank account number) that’s mainly used to receive payments from Opay users. Other commercial banks users in Nigeria can also transfer money from their bank account to your Opay account. For Example; you can transfer from UBA, Firstbank, Access to Opay account, or from Opay to other bank.

This means your account number with Opay serves the same purpose as your commercial bank account number.

Please note that without your Opay account number, you will not be able to receive any payment either from other Opay users or other banks.

One good thing about Opay account number is, you can easily store it in your mind and memorize when the need arises.

Is my phone number my Opay account Number?

The direct answer to this question is ‘yes’. The phone number used for signing up for an Opay account is your Opay account number.

After signing up for an Opay account, the phone number used for the signing up automatically becomes your Opay account number.

But your phone is 11-digit, while Opay account number is 10 digit as said earlier in this post. This means not all the 11 digits would be used.

Without mincing words, only the last 10-digit from your phone number would be become your Opay account number. For example: If the phone number used in signing up for Opay account is 08109043100, then the last 10-digit, which is 8109043100, is your Opay account number.

How to Get Opay Account Number in Nigeria

What if you can’t remember the phone number used for Opay registration? All hope is not gone. You can still retrieve your Opay account number from the Opay mobile app. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Opay mobile app, and login to your account.

  2. Click on your profile image at the top left corner of your screen.

  3. Your Opay account number will be displayed.

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