How To Get Opay Debit Card Without Stress

Opay debit card allows you to make cash withdrawals, transfer funds, payment and perform other transactions from Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Point Of Sale (POS) merchant. In this post, we will show you how to get an Opay debit card without stress.

Opay ATM card is being given to eligible customers after they requested for it. You can request for the debit card and get it delivered to your location.

The reason behind the Opay debit card is to give customers an option to withdraw directly from their opay account with either ATM or POS.

Before withdrawing cash from your Opay account, you either transfer from your Opay account to your normal bank account that has an ATM card or send to Opay agent. But now you can withdraw directly from the Opay account using Opay atm card (or verve debit card).

Kindly note that the Opay virtual card is different from Opay debit card. While virtual card is mainly for online payments, debit card allows you to physically withdraw money.

Features of Opay card

  • It has Zero maintenance fees
  • Acceptable everywhere in Nigeria
  • Can withdraw from any ATM
  • Make an online payment online
  • Unlimited cashback
  • Free ATM withdrawal

Before you can apply for Opay debit verve card, ensure that you are already on either stage 2 or 3 of the KYC (Know Your Customer).

The default KYC level is ‘1’ which is not eligible for the debit card. To move to KYC level ‘2’, you need to link your BVN to your Opay account. You may also like to check how to get Opay account number in Nigeria.

How to get an Opay debit card

Follow steps below:

  1. Login to your Opay app

  2. Click on “Me” button

  3. Click on “Request for OPay Debit card,” button.

  4. Enter your invite referral code or skip it

  5. Select your Identity verification Type (National ID, International Passport or Driver’s Licence)

  6. Select Pick up Location, or select ‘Express’ if you want the card delivered to your home/office for a delivery fee of N300.

  7. Fill out other required details

  8. Make a payment of N700 which is the cost for the ATM Card.

  9. Confirm your request.

Note: Once you receive the debit card, ensure that you activate it via the app, and visit any nearby Zenith bank ATM to complete the activation.

How to activate Opay card

After receiving the card, the next is to activate it and start making use of it. Follow the steps below to activate your card:

  1. Login to Opay app

  2. Go to Cards tab and tap on Activate Card.

  3. Enter the PIN code you want to use for the Opay card and other information.

Once you followed the steps above, your card would be activated. But if it failed, keep trying until it is done.

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  1. I requested for OPay debit card on my OPay app since January and I was debited 1200 till now march have not receive my card


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