How To Get PalmPay Debit Card

A Palmpay debit card enables its users to carry out both local and international transactions wherever the Visa card is accepted. In this article, we will show you how to get a Palmpay debit card with easy steps.

If what you need now is a PalmPay ATM card or debit card, then you are on the right page. Read till the end.

With a Palmpay card, one can make safe and convenient transactions with the money in their PalmPay accounts.

Every PalmPay user is entitled to a debit card. But before you can use of the palmpay card, you would be required to set a security PIN and activate the card for transactions.

Now, let’s take you through the processes of getting a debit card from palmpay. You may also like this post: how to open a palmpay account.

How to get a debit card from PalmPay

Follow the steps below to get your debit card for transactions:

1. Open a PalmPay account

The first step to start with is to sign up for the PalmPay account. You must have a registered an account with palmpay before you can get the debit card.

2. Perform transactions

You don’t just open the PalmPay account and ask for a debit card. To be eligible to use a palmpay card, you must have carried out several transactions of an undisclosed amount.

3. Request for debit card

After you have qualified to use the palmpay debit card, an option to request for a debit card will appear on your account dashboard. You can make a request from there.


Another way to get a debit card from palmpay is to contact their customer’s care and tell them what you want. They will give you the required assistance.

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