How To Learn Ethical Hacking: 10 Important Steps To Follow

The act of checking for dangers and vulnerabilities in the stored information or data is known as ethical hacking. Moreover, ethical hacking makes networks safer while assisting in the protection of data from malicious hackers. Ethical hackers employ the same techniques as criminal hackers, but they only act with the consent of those individuals, businesses, or organizations. How to Learn Ethical Hacking is the topic of this article.

Ethical hackers are trained persons who utilize their knowledge and abilities to keep malevolent hackers from breaking into an organization’s networks. They employ the most recent and cutting-edge techniques when evaluating the IT security of a company or organization. To evaluate the overall IT security, ethical hackers must identify issues with an organization’s insecure system.

Learning Ethical Hacking: A Guide

You might improve as a hacker by using some of the advice provided below.

1. Get Linux/UNIX Experience

An open-source operating system that increases computer security is LINUX/UNIX. One of the most popular operating systems used by hackers is Linux, thus learning how to use it is essential if you want to be a successful hacker. The well-known Linux distributions include BackTrack, Kali Linux, Red Hat Linux, and Ubuntu. One of the most well-known Linux operating systems is Kali Linux, which was developed specifically for hacking.

2. Learn Programming

The most crucial ability is being able to write in C because the entire UNIX/LINUX operating system is written in this language. Try to learn as many programming languages as you can if you want to advance. The top programming languages used by hackers are as follows:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • PHP

3. Develop the Art of Working Secretly

The most crucial stage in ethical hacking is learning how to remain anonymous online and conceal your identity so that no one can track your trail of evidence. The three best methods for protecting your identity are AnonsurfProxychains, and MacChanger.

4. Learn About Networking Principles

Learning about networking and comprehending how networks are put together is another significant and essential step toward being a hacker. When times are tough, a skilled hacker who is knowledgeable about networking tools like NmapWireshark, and others may be able to persevere.

5. Explore Dark Web

The portion of the internet known as “the dark web” is hidden or inaccessible to search engines. You can access the dark web using the Tor browser. To hack ethically, people need to be aware of what is good on the dark web.

6. Develop Your Cryptography Skills

For a good hacker, cryptography, or secret writing, is a crucial talent. You must understand information encryption and decryption in order to hack. Passwords and other sensitive data are always encrypted on networks. Hackers must learn to identify and decrypt encryption.

7. Look For Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities are areas where the system is unreliable or has gaps. Also, there is a potential that malicious hackers will try to identify and exploit the system’s weaknesses.

8. Learn About And Put Master Hacking To Use

After you have mastered certain concepts, take some time to thoroughly understand them. You need to practice and try out various techniques if you want to be successful at hacking. Examine various strategies, assaults, and other elements.

9. Participate In Hacking Competitions

To communicate with other hackers from across the world, share knowledge, and collaborate, you can join a community or forum. Participate in various hacking challenges, either online or off. You can learn more if you choose one of these.

10. Continue Learning

Even if you believe you have learned everything there is to know about hacking and have gone over all the points, keep studying. Because the internet is constantly changing and placing you in new scenarios, keep practicing every day.

Why Is Training In Ethical Hacking Important?

To be a certified ethical hacker, one must possess the ethical hacker certification. An ethical hacker can assist a company in preserving crucial data and information. A person can obtain a certification after passing an exam and receiving the appropriate instruction.

The training can be used by a person to understand methods for resolving potential network issues. It aids in staying current with hacking methods and strategies. Also, the training will assist participants in developing new abilities and safeguarding the network from malicious hackers.

Everyone can pick up new skills for tracking data from any network using new tools. It is a crucial step to take if you want to have a successful career in hacking, and there is a big market need for ethical hackers due to the increasing risk of data loss from malicious hackers.

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