How To Get Sterling Bank Personal And Business Loan

Are you a customer of Sterling Bank seeking information on borrowing money from Sterling Bank or obtaining short-term finance to address your financial needs, such as a personal loan, business loan, etc.? To access any Sterling bank facility created for your class, taste, or lifestyle, kindly read through this guide as if it were the only chance you had left. Sterling bank is prepared to provide you with that without any hassles. With Sterling Bank, you can apply for a personal or business loan. With that said, let’s go over the loan options available to each class of borrower.

With Sterling Bank, you can apply for a personal or business loan. With that said, let’s go over the loan options available to each class of borrower.

1. Personal Loans

The Sterling bank personal loan is designed for people who need a loan quickly and urgently and don’t want to fill out a ton of paperwork in order to get one. See below, the types of personal loans available at Sterling Bank and choose the one that addresses your need:

  • Specta Loan

A loan up to N5 million can be requested through the Sterling bank’s Specta loan package, which does not require any kind of security or collateral in order to acquire.
Please validate your information using their app before applying for consideration. Your loan will then be disbursed to a preferred bank account.

  • Social Lender

The social lender is a Sterling bank loan that determines your loan eligibility based on your social presence. Your social media reputation determines how it works; the more active and robust your account is, the more likely you are to receive a larger payment overall.

Requirements For Sterling Bank’s Personal Loan

One of the beautiful about getting a personal loan from Sterling Bank is the flexibility of their requirements. Below are the four, easy requirements for getting a personal loan from Sterling Bank:

  • Personal information (email address and phone number)
  • Bank account number preferably corporate
  • Bank Verification Number
  • Valid ID card

2. Business Loans

The Sterling Bank Business Loan can be the answer for you if you’re looking to grow or invest more in your company. Interestingly, the Sterling Bank’s business loan is subdivided into to category which are:

  • Import Finance

Import finance is a type of loan created to help international business owners and importers with their funding needs. Industrial goods, raw materials, and consumer goods are the only things that can be purchased with this loan.

  • Letter of Credit (LC)

In a letter of credit, importers and exporters agree to exchange goods on credit. The correspondent bank accepts payment on behalf of the exporter/seller under this arrangement, and as soon as the buyer or importer confirms receipt of the goods, the exporter is paid in full.

The importer in this scenario is Sterling Bank, and trade agreements and settlements are finalized at the conclusion of the transaction or business.

  • Project Finance

If you have the best business proposal, why not see if Sterling bank would be willing to finance your dream business? Sterling bank is willing to finance business proposals that meet the valid scope and achievable realistic Sterling outlay.

  • Invoice Discount

In this scenario, the bank finances your business and contracts while hoping to recoup its money as soon as you receive payment for the contracts or business.

It makes sure you have the resources to carry out your contract without interruption.

  • Guarantees

Guarantees are agreements where Sterling Bank assumes the risk of carrying out a business on behalf of its customer, substituting its own creditworthiness for that of the client. In this regard, the bank advises the third party to proceed with the business with complete confidence that, should anything go wrong, the bank will fully compensate the beneficiary.

How to get a loan from Sterling Bank?

If you’re seeking for rapid loans, you can start on Specta, submit an application for consideration, and get a loan as soon as it’s authorized. For business loans, however, you will need to visit any of the worldwide Sterling Bank branches, start your application by supplying the necessary documents, and become familiar with the loan conditions, costs, etc.

USSD Code For Sterling Bank Loan

Please dial *822# from your Sterling Bank registered phone number, follow the screen prompts, select loan, and enter your transaction PIN to complete the process. Your loan will then be disbursed to your preferred account.

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