How To Generate Gtbank Token For Internet Banking

The GTBank internet banking has advanced so that transactions can now be completed not just with a hardware token but also with a soft token. Normally, a hardware token device must be purchased; however, a soft token is generated at no cost when a transaction is being completed.

What Exactly Is GTBank Token?

When completing transfers through internet banking, the Token is needed to authorize your transaction. Tokens are a set of codes used to authenticate internet banking transactions on the GTBank platform. The GTBank USSD code can ultimately be used to generate the token.

Steps On How to Create Gtbank Token For Internet Banking with GTBank

  1. Dial 7377# from the cellphone number you registered with GTBank.

  2. Enter the GTBank account number you intend to use to complete the transaction.

  3. The “Primary Account Number (PAN)” on your GTBank card is the final six digits.

If you find the above listed steps difficult, please follow the alternative steps listed below:

  • From your registered phone number with the bank dial *737#
  • Select ‘11” to navigate
  • Select “8” to generate a token
  • Enter the necessary information Immediately after being generated, your token can be used to finish and authenticate any pending transactions.
  • Please be aware that the token is only valid for one minute.

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