Treasury Bills In Nigeria: See how to invest

If you are thinking about ways to making a good return on your asset in a short period, which could be weeks, months or a year? Then, treasury bills should be at the top of your list. Investing in Federal Government of Nigeria’s treasuring bills is one among the well-trusted forms of savings in the country. The reason is that the risk of losing your money is zero percent, meaning that you cannot in any way lose your money because the treasury bills are supported by the Government of Nigeria.

Treasury Bills In NigeriaThis article focuses on helping you with every information you need to have to take advantage of the treasury bills investment and make some cool money for yourself.

What are Treasury Bills?

Treasury Bills are debt mechanisms that the Federal Government enables, for a short period, through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to offer short period financing for Federal Government. They are the most consistently paying form of money market apparatus.

Who can buy Treasury Bills?

The following categories of people can buy treasury bills:

  • Organisations
  • Banks
  • Corporations
  • Individuals

How do I invest in Treasury Bills?

Treasury bills are controlled by commercial organizations such as banks and stockbrokers. To invest in treasury bills, you will be required to fill a form with your personal details, including the amount you intend to invest and also your bid rate. In most cases, the minimum amount you can invest on treasury bills depends on the trader.

How long does Treasury Bills take to mature?

Treasury bills take a short time to mature. There are 91,182 and 364 days of maturity.

When can I sell my treasury bills?

Treasury bills sales takes places on a two weeks basis as approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria. The public are informed about the issuance through newspapers, TV, radio and websites. Importantly, you can also ask your bank officer to put you on a notice.

Where are Treasury Bills sold?

You can buy from approved brokers or mobile apps.

Are Treasury Bills the same as Bonds?

The both of them are mechanisms by which the government raises money for governance. While treasury bills are targeted at for short period, bonds are issued for a lengthier period, say, 5 years.

What are the benefits of Treasury Bills?

  • There is no risk involved
  • You can speedily and easily exchange them for money
  • There is no tax on interest
  • You can use it as collateral for loan
  • It’s a good opportunity for a steady income.

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If there is any kind of investment you should commit your funds to, it has to be treasury bills. Unlike the many Ponzi schemes around, who run with people’s money, it is impossible for the government to run with your money.

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