How To Join FGN ALAT Skillnovation Program Virtual Training

The virtual training for the chosen participants of the FGN ALAT Skillnovation Program has commenced. The virtual training began on November 27, 2023, as stated in the training invitation email.

The invitation for the virtual training was sent to the selected candidates and it reads as follows:

“Dear selected applicants

Congratulations once again on being selected for the FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Programme!

The virtual training in the FGN X ALAT Skillnovation Programme for MSMEs starts today November 27, 2023.


  1. Access to funding & grants
  2. Exposure to investors and partners
  3. Access to a marketplace.
  4. Mentorship & coaching from top professionals

Whether you are a tech expert, aspiring entrepreneur, job seeker, or a working professional, this is your chance to improve your personal and business skills.

Only participants who successfully complete the program will be eligible for funding opportunities. Advancing to the next phase of the program depends on completing the previous stage, so take advantage of every learning opportunity.

To access your dashboard, click here and use your Username: email, and Password: Password.

We are excited for you to have a transformative learning experience!

Congratulations once again, and welcome to the FGNALAT

Digital Skillnovation Programme!”

5 thoughts on “How To Join FGN ALAT Skillnovation Program Virtual Training”

  1. Hassan Muhammad

    like wise can’nt loging in to my dash board, my problem is that in the process of creating my dash board, I didnt insert my User Name. it keep on saying No User name. pls how can I clear this problem.pleas urgent๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  2. Dear Sir, I just want to let you know that I have done all what you said I should do to get access to the portal of the Skillnovation program, yet I can’t get in.

  3. Good morning! I saw the mail but have been trying to login but I couldn’t access it. it’s showing Up server error a times my there is a typo error in the address. please, how can I access my dashboard.


      I have been trying to access my dashboard but can’t login , it keeps showing me server error atimes maybea a typo error in the address

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