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Nigerian Navy Recruitment Portal And How To Apply

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Portal –  the Nigerian Navy is a branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It’s one of the largest navies in Africa, which consist of over 25,000 personnels. In this article, we shall provide guidline on how to join Nigerian Navy. Read carefully till the end for proper understanding!

Nigerian Navy was known to be the colonial Nigerian Marine Department of the Royal Navy (RN), established to extend the British’s interest in the West African subregion. Their functions as of then included:

  • Port security and examinations.
  • Provision of security for RN ships on patrol duties within Nigeria.
  • Ferry services.
  • Pilotage duties.
  • Servicing of buoys and lighthouses.

The nationalists were not impressed with these duties, as can be seen in a statement by Mr. LL Olakunle, a Member of Parliament in 1956 where he noted “If we must have a Nigerian Navy, then we must have something along with the pattern of the British Navy.”

As a result of this pressure, the colonial Marine Department was disbanded. It was put together as the Nigerian Naval Force (NNF) in April 1956 with 250 officers and men of the disbanded Marine Department.

It was later renamed Naval Defence Force (NDF) of Nigeria. They started operation on 1 June 1956, with 11 assorted ships and crafts inherited from the erstwhile colonial Marine Department of the RN and was legally established as a force and re-designated Royal Nigerian Navy-a a mark of allegiance to the Queen of England on 1 May 1958.

However, when Nigeria reached its republican status in 1963, the prefix ‘Royal’ was dropped and gave rise to the Nigerian Navy, which came into being legal through the Act of Parliament No 21 of 1964.

Roles of the Nigeria Navy

Nigeria Navy has a majorly sat seapower role- military power that functions at sea: on the sea’s surface, underneath it or in the air, and other standardized positions.

Worldwide, navies have standardized roles generally and are classified into three by Ken Booth, a maritime strategist: military, policing, and diplomatic.

1. Military Role

This includes; Projection of force function and balance of power function.

2. Policing Role

This is about the territorial waters, the maintenance of law, and order within this area. With the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) stretching to 200nm seaward, there is always the need to extend this role beyond the territorial waters. The functions of the Navy under this role are Coastguard duties and Nation-building functions.

3. Diplomatic Role

This is majorly about the management of foreign policy short of the actual employment of Force. The Navy’s functions under this role include Negotiation from a position of strength, manipulation, and prestige.

Responsibilities of Nigeria Navy

The Parliamentary Act No 21 of 1964, which legally established the NN, charged the Force with the following responsibilities:

a. The naval defense of Nigeria.

b. Assisting in the enforcement of customs laws.

c. Training in maritime duties.

d. Undertaking hydrographic surveys.

e. Such other duties as the Council of Ministers may from time to time direct.

When these responsibilities are looked into because of changes in the environment, threat perception, new alliances, and defense arrangements, it doesn’t tally with the standardized roles of navies worldwide, as earlier mentioned.

Therefore, through the recommendation of a committee, forwarded a paper to the Ministry of Defence for a memorandum to the Government for the review of the responsibilities enumerated by the Act, the Armed Forces Act Cap A20 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria charged the NN with the following obligations:

a. Enforcing and assisting in coordinating the enforcement of all Customs Laws, including anti-illegal bunkering, fishery, and immigration laws of Nigeria at sea.

b. Enforcing and assisting in coordinating national and international maritime laws ascribed or acceded to by Nigeria.

c. Making of charts and coordination of all national hydrographic surveys.

d. Promoting, coordinating, and enforcing safety regulations in the territorial waters and EEZ.

e. Any other duty as the President, with the National Assembly’s advice, may from time to time determine.

Requirements to join the Nigerian Navy

Aspirants must be or have;

  • A Nigerian
  • Physically, mentally, and medically fit by going through the Physical, Mental and Psychological Training.
  • Between 18-24 years (can be changed).
  • A baseline height requirement of 1.7m for men, 1.67m for women
  • Must Pass the Medical Test
  • Meet Up With Minimum Educational Requirement (WAEC, GCE, and or OND certificates).
  • Must Not Be An Ex-convict.

How To Apply For Nigerian Navy Recruitment

To join the Nigerian Navy, there is always a portal where to submit your application. Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Nigerian Navy Portal at

  2. Creat a profile account on the portal.

  3. Login to fill the application form and submit.

  4. Print out the registration slip.

A notification of the exam date and recruitment center will be sent to you. You may like to Download Nigerian Navy Recruitment Exam Past Questions & Answers.

On the exam day, go to the recruitment center with the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate/Age Declaration
  • Parent Consent Form
  • 4-5 Recent Passports
  • Local Government Identification
  • Educational Certificates.

After all these, wait for the release  of shortlisted candidates.

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