How To Know If You Are Selected For Nexit Training

Are you an exited Npower Volunteer, worried to know if you’re selected for Nexit Training? If ‘yes’ then this post will answer that question of yours.

The Nexit program is an initiative introduced for the transition of the disengaged Npower Volunteers (Batches A and B).

FG through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) will be giving soft loans to the applicants of the Nexit program.

Ever since the statement of Nexit training was released by the minister of Humanitarian Affairs Hon. Sadiya U. Farouq, several questions have been coming from the disengaged Npower Volunteers.

Some of the questions asked regarding the Nexit training will be answered via this post.

Question: What is Nexit Training?

Answer: It’s a special training meant to equip disengaged beneficiaries with the necessary skills to run a successful business.

The training will be based on entrepreneurship, and could be done physically or via online.

How to Know If you Are Selected For Nexit Training

For an applicant to know if he/she has being selected, the following must be in place;

  1. Be among the exited Npower Volunteers that registered through the Nexit portal.
  2. Received a mail of being selected through the email used in registering for the program.
  3. Will probably be asked to accept the selection, and also update some records once the closed Nexit portal reopens.

So far, the Nexit applicants have passed through the first stage of the program, which is the registration process.

The next stage is the training phase, where applicants will be trained by top profile personnel.

The third stage will be the disbursement of starter packs to participants in the program.

Among the five hundred thousand (500,000) exited volunteers, only three hundred and ninety thousand (390,000) registered on the Nexit portal.

These value has already been accommodated to the Nexit program.

It’s on records that about one hundred and nine thousand (109,000) exited volunteers had on their own started business as entrepreneurs.

We therefore encourage applicants of the Nexit program to be watchful, and always visit this webpage for updates.

Source: Nyscinfo

2 thoughts on “How To Know If You Are Selected For Nexit Training”

  1. WagorAmadi viviian ichechi

    I was among the batch A npower, I registered for the nexit program now that the selection is on I tried to log in they are telling me that my account can not be found so what do I do.

  2. Please sir I need your help ,how will I know that I am among the beneficiary of Npower , because I can’t remember my email and password that I used for the registration

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