How To Know NYSC Stream You Belong

How To Know Which NYSC Stream You Belong

After NYSC online registration, prospective corps members always want to know which stream they belong. In this article, I will show you how to know NYSC Stream you belong.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) mobilize 3 batches of graduates every year for National Service. Each batch is divided into Stream 1 and 2.

The NYSC management usually conducts online registration at the same time for the both Streams. After registration, Stream 1 will first go to Orientation Camp leaving Stream 2 behind.

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When Stream 1 is through with their orientation course which usually last for 21 days, Stream 2 will be called for service.

If the number of graduates in Stream 2 is not up to the required number, NYSC will open its registration portal for new candidates to register and join Stream 2.

How to know which NYSC Stream you belong

The normal way to know which NYSC stream you belong is through your call up letter. NYSC only sends call up letters to Stream 1 Prospective Corps members.

So, the moment you receive a call up letter, just know that you belong to Stream 1. Those who will not receive their call up letters are in Stream 2.

Another way to know is through NYSC notification on your dashboard. NYSC will send a notification to your dashboard. So, if you want to check your posting, you will see a message like “Sorry, you are not in Stream 1, you will be notified when to print your Call up letter”.

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The 3rd way to know which Stream you belong is to log in to your dashboard, and click on course correction. If you see “MOBILIZED” that means you will go with Stream 1 but if it shows “PENDING” that means you are in Stream 2.

Warning: if you must follow the 3rd method, please DON’T click on SEND REQUEST.

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Updated: October 29, 2019 — 8:32 am

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  1. My dashboard status is showing mobilized,and have been cleared after the what stream do I belong cause most of my friends were given call up letter today and my sisters sister own was showing not yet mobilized.den last night it changed den she was given her call up letter

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