How To Know NYSC Stream You Belong

How To Know Which NYSC Stream You Belong

After NYSC online registration, prospective corps members usually want to know which Stream they belong. In this article, we will show you how to know the NYSC Stream you belong.

It’s important to note that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) mobilises three (3) Batches of Corps members every year for National Service. Each Batch consists; Stream 1 and 2.

Online registration is being conducted at the same time for the both Streams. After which, Stream 1 enter Orientation Camp, leaving Stream 2 behind.

When Stream 1 is through with their orientation course, which usually last for 21 days, Stream 2 will be called for service.

If the number of graduates in Stream 2 is not up to the required number needed for camping, registration portal will open for new candidates to register for Stream 2.

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How to know which NYSC Stream you belong

The normal way to know which NYSC Stream you belong is through your call up letter. NYSC will sends call up letters to only Stream 1 prospective Corps members.

So, the moment you receive a call up letter, just know that you belong to Stream 1. Those who do not receive call up letters are in Stream 2.

Another way to know is through NYSC notification on your dashboard. NYSC will send a notification to your dashboard. So, if you want to check your posting, you will see a message like “Sorry, you are not in Stream 1, you will be notified when to print your Call up letter”.

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The 3rd way to know which Stream you belong is to log in to your dashboard, and click on course correction. If you see “MOBILIZED” that means you will go with Stream 1 but if it shows “PENDING” that means you are in Stream 2.

Warning: if you must follow the 3rd method, please DON’T click on SEND REQUEST. Kindly share this post.

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  1. I can not log into my dash board again I am seeing registration closed and I have been loging in all this while and it is always telling me sorry you are not in this stream I don’t know if it is a general problem

  2. Pls sir as for me that just graduate this year 2020 when is the registration coming up? I mean when will they open portal for PCM to register.

  3. Sir on my mobilization status is mobilised , i want know that sure am stream I or II ?

    1. U are on stream 1 if it shows mobilized

  4. I just did my registration for stream 2 and my call up number is out but is showing me that sorry u t not in Dis stream

  5. a typing error was noticed on my result while in the camp I was ask to go back to my school and correct it and then do revalidation and go back with tream 2. Hope that won’t be a problem ?

  6. Please I registered with stream 1 Batch A and i was part of those who choose later after the no slot for state,but up till now I have not gotten my call up no and I have been cleared during physical verification,I got a message a day before the verification to upload cert which I have done before and I reuploaded and I was cleared but it’s showing sent message on my dashboard as well and when on checked course correction it shows that have been mobilized on my dashboard it’s showing you’ve not been evaluated yet,please help what do I do

      1. a typing error was noticed on my result while in the camp I was ask to go back to my school and correct it and then do revalidation and go back with tream 2. Hope that won’t be a problem ?

        1. No, problem. Just follow the procedures

      2. Ogbonna Abraham Samuel

        Please sir hope the place to check if you are in stream 1 or 2 of batch B after clicking on course correction is on mobilization status. If you’re in stream one then the result will be mobilized if in stream 2,it will be pending

  7. I discover NYSC did a random selection for PCM’s in batch A stream 1,please what is the possibility that all those that registered in February but was not deployed will be deployed in stream 2?

    1. All the leftovers of Stream 1 will be deployed in Stream 2

  8. Please I want exemption certificate but my name is not still on the Senate list. The cafe man said I’m in stream 2 still, I can find my name. Please help.

    1. Contact your Institution

  9. What happens when I click send request

  10. My dashboard is showing sorry you are not in this stream you will be notify when to print your callup letter. Pls is there any registration I need to do again in order to go with stream 2.

    1. No registration, just wait for your call up letter

  11. Sir I gave a cafe man 5k for nysc registration on the 28 of February. 2020 batch A but up till now my dashboard is showing you can still make payment

    1. Make sure the Cafe man actually made the payment

  12. Is it possible that someone could complete his nysc registration without paying the #2900 nysc fee?

    1. Yes, but you will go to your school to collect your Call-up letter

  13. My mobilisation status is showing “mobilised” but I can’t still see my call-up letter. Please what do I do next. Thanks.

  14. In my dash board, I saw sorry you are in this stream, but when I clicked on course correction, I saw mobilized. Please what could be happening?

    1. Be patient, you are in Stream 2

  15. Those that choosed from the available state because they registered late and was told they are in stream B, will they have the opportunity to rechoose their states when the portal opens?

  16. But am hearing nysc need 77,000 person,so how will one check if there among

  17. Brother please I’m in Bauchi right now as my location,. I came all the way from Benue state. On my verification process the staff in charge told me I registered nysc twice which I didn’t. Please if they is any way I will able to make everything clear and the problem they refuse me explanation they us an army to take me out. Please hear me out

    1. Locate the NYSC Secretariat in whichever state you are and explain to them.

      1. Aderinwale aderonke

        Pls av not been sent callup letter

    2. Hello sir. In my dashboard I saw “sorry, you are not in this stream. You will be notified when to print your callup letter”. Secondly, in course correction I saw MOBILISED. So which stream I belong?

    3. Muktar Mohammed wakil

      Pls sir some one change my name in my dashboard and we are those who will go in batch 2021 pls sir what is solution

  18. My dashboard is still showing pending what I do next

  19. Pls how do I get to my dashboard?I mean I don’t know what it meant?

  20. Ajibade adebisi Elizabeth

    But please sir, in that visited place, I choose the state that I wish to serve what can I do please.

  21. PLEAse sir, why don’t we have a call up letter even after 24hours of registration? ANd almost going to 48 hours

    1. Call up number**

  22. My dashboard status is showing mobilized,and have been cleared after the what stream do I belong cause most of my friends were given call up letter today and my sisters sister own was showing not yet mobilized.den last night it changed den she was given her call up letter

  23. I checked my course registration and I saw mobilized and I also in my dashboard it was written sorry, you’re not in this stream you’ll be notified when to print your call up latter,even my friends who registered lately where all given call up, what will be th course.

  24. I’ve been mobilised but my dashboard shows “Sorry! You are not in this stream. You will be notified when to print your call up letter”

    What could be the cause of this ?

  25. Why will nysc select only me among my frnds we registered together for stream 2? And how many weeks do I have to wait before going for camp?

    1. It showing me you are in stream 2,however your institution didn’t submit your hard copy

  26. Sir, have not yt seen my call up letter, I used the third option, and I saw MOBILIZED on my mobilization status, I’m somewhat worried though, is there sure hope for this stream 1??

  27. Checked my course correction and the and I saw mobilized only for my to check for me call up number yesterday and there is nothing there,not even sorry you are not in this scream is just showing normal like the last 3 days own…….what will I do now pls

  28. Good morning please on my mobilizations status it indicate mobilized and have not received my call up letter yet what can be the problem

  29. I just checked mine using the third option and it’s showing mobilized, but on my dashboard is showing I’ve not been evaluated yet, I haven’t gotten my green card slip nor call up letter. So what could be the problem?

    1. You didn’t register on time, you are in stream 2

  30. I have been mobilised for stream 1 but I want to go for stream 2, what do I do?

    1. Nothing, you can only defer your service and go with next batch.

  31. Hello sir! I have registered but I didn’t receive any message on mobilisation

  32. From the third option above….mine is showing mobilized but i haven’t received any letter and the state slot is still unavailable. Will there be batch c 2 this yr?

  33. My is showing no state available wat do I do

    1. Please, go ahead to submit your registration

  34. lol, sorry I already clicked on “send request” but I have been mobilized.
    hope no negative implications

  35. Please, will there be stream 2 this year or not?

  36. Please mine is showing no states slot available. Do you think it will be possible to go with stream 1

    1. Please Will the portal be open for registration for stream 2?.. I don’t want to register now.. but would love to go with stream 2

  37. Goodday siR! pls l have done my medical report since May, can I still make use of it? Cos have just been mobilized…

    1. It must not be more than 3 months

  38. Pls my matrital status is still showing pending approval. I DNT know why

  39. if u register and u are on stream 1 along the line u were on able to go for camp bCOs of late collection of result, can u still follow STRIM 2

  40. Can we start knowing the stream we belong to from now?

  41. Pls, I have picked my sytates of choice, but while trying to print my green card it’s saying
    Awaiting Call-Up-No.
    Will they still send it to me or am not qualified for Batch C stream 1. Though on my Course correction I can see mobilised

    1. You will see your call up number soon

  42. Ugwuezu vivian onyebuchi

    sir I hv registered but mine is either pending or hanging does that mean am not going for service this year

  43. Hello! Please is there any expected Senate list to be upload? I’m from ABU Zaria and up to now it has been shown No record for the Senate list.

  44. pls what if it shows on your dashboard that u HV been mobilized and it also shows ur call up num but it says ur letter will be ready later. approval status also revealed:pending. what don’t s that mean is it stream 1 or 2

  45. Why some department are not upload from Bauchi State University eg Physiology department

  46. Pls will there be stream 2 in this batch C and if Yes, when will that be

    1. There will be Stream 2 but no official date yet

  47. Thanks 4 d info. pls I av a question, I registered today but I can’t make payment, pls what is the problem?

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