How to Listen to Soro Soke EndSARS Radio

Despite massacre at Lekki toll gate on October 20, the #ENDSARS protests continue to gain momentum across Nigeria. Here we will show you how to easily listen to Soro Soke Radio FM from anywhere in the world. Get Loan.

The protesters have launched Soro Soke FM – an online radio with the aim to amplify the voices of the protesting youths and facilitate more coordination and communication among Nigerians. Government loan.

Many do not know how they can listen to Soro Soke FM.

How to listen to Soro Soke Radio (Get Loan)

To listen to the Soro Soke radio, LIVE broadcast, click on the play button below: Loan

Note: The Radio is Streaming live. You can always listen to Soro Soke FM on this page.

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