Will NYSC Camp Still Reopen on November 10  Amidst EndSARS Protest

Given the increasing momentum of the nationwide EndSARS protest, many people have been asking if the NYSC orientation course will still hold on November 10. Get loan.

One of the questions that we received read as;

“will NYSC orientation camps still open on November 10 amidst the ongoing nationwide EndSARS protest?”

Well, the direct answer for this question is ‘Yes’. Government would like to see NYSC Orientation camp opened as a strategy to reduce the number of protesting youths on the street. Loan

But, unfortunately, protesting youths are barricading major roads, and some state governments like Lagos, Edo, Abia, etc have imposed indefinite curfew.

These, altogether could deter movement of prospective corps members that will be traveling for orientation course.

Few hours after some #EndSARS protesters were reportedly killed at Lekki toll get in Lagos State, there was speculation that NYSC camps might not reopen as planned. But the management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) quickly made a post to remind prospective corps members of its resolute to reopen orientation camps on November 10, but was backlashed and accused of being insensitive by angry Nigerian Youths.

Below is what NYSC posted: loan

“This is to inform 2020 Batch B Stream IA PCMs that orientation course is scheduled to hold on Tuesday 10th, November  to Monday 30, November 2020”.

Below are the reactions from angry Nigerian Youths:

Aruoture Bishop
“NYSC should halt any of their plans for now. We can’t serve a Nation in this condition”.

Solomon Yakubu
“People are dying and u want to open orientation camp? Cancels every NYSC activity now. Including batch B stream 2 P.O. now”.

Zahraddeen Sani Sanda
“Please NYSC let everybody stay in his/her state of origin. Coz this Endsars protest may be affect corpers. God forbid”.

Aruoture Bishop
“NYSC should halt any of their plans for now. We can’t serve a Nation in this condition”.

Kyauta Al Ansar
“Please I’m calling on the Nysc to please not to send any corper out of there state regarding the situations on ground so that to reduce current challenges”.

Robert Ebri Utum
“I think orientation camps shouldn’t open  until the issue on ground is resolved

Horlayinnca Horlawale
T”country is upside down and you’re posting rubbish. Serah Seun John

Nigeria youth are funny I swear,I could remember vividly how youth were raining insults to the DG for refusing to open camp

Now that your demand has been met, yet you are still complaining.

What i expect to hear from the youth is “we pray for peace before Nov 10th”

Whosoever is not ready to camp should continue staying in his father house


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Note: There were other comments we couldn’t lay hand before they were deleted leaving only positive comments.

9 thoughts on “Will NYSC Camp Still Reopen on November 10  Amidst EndSARS Protest”

  1. Please anyone sked of going to camp by Nov 10th should stay in their fathers house and wait for next batch or a better Nigeria before going.stop speaking for everybody if u won’t go thousands are ready to go, please keep quiet and let the bold ones go ok! Besides it’s a peaceful protest and we hope for peace and harmony in our Nation…

  2. With due respect mr DG. We are please requesting for a fovour of not reschedule the time. We have been at home for months, we are becoming old by each passing day.
    An idle mind is the workshop of a devil. Allow us to go for us to get rest in mind at long last. Our hope is to serve our fatherland.
    Thank you mr DG

  3. Please DG with due respect,you know we have over stayed in our various homes…Let Nov.10 stand please,so that the next set will also serve…We’re not getting younger..I know this will also keep and make out youths mind at rest

  4. We have stayed at home for too long please ..this is what we have been waiting for …God will protect his children ..camp should still open please

  5. I think , we should continue praying for our great nation to stay in peace and let NYSC to open Camp and allowed PCM to stay at their state of origin

    1. Mailafia Imran

      Please let the scheduled time for the reopening stands… We have stayed at home for Long. May God brings an end to the Bad Leadership in Nigeria
      since after the first coup.
      Nigeria have no known Direction…Ya Allah Give us way Out.
      But please DG don’t reschedule the reopening date Abeg

  6. It’s very unfair to reschedule opening of nysc camp. The time is still long let us wait and see things will be norml before the time by the grace of God. We have being staying at home for long.

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